‘The Brady Bunch’: What Cousin Oliver Actor Robbie Rist Did After the Show Ended

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

“The Brady Bunch” was on from 1969 to 1974, meaning those iconic actors have been out of those roles for over three decades. It makes some fans wonder, where are they now?

Several of the actors on the show were portrayed by child actors. Maureen McCormick, Mike Lookinland, Christopher Knight, and Barry Williams were a few of those “The Brady Bunch” kids that went on to do other things for their careers.

Robbie Rist After ‘The Brady Bunch’

Another kid on the show was Cousin Oliver, who joined the cast during the very final season. He was played by Robbie Rist. He has a bit of a reputation from his time on “The Brady Bunch.” There is actually a phrase called “Cousin Oliver Syndrome” that is when a sitcom adds an extremely adorable and cute child to boost the ratings of a show. It’s done especially when the characters on the show have gotten older.

Well, now Cousin Oliver is all grown too. He is currently 57 and is still pretty active in the entertainment world. He did acting, music work, as well as some voiceover roles. Rist did voice acting for “Balto,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” and “Doc McStuffins.” He’s particularly active in the music world, but Rist doesn’t put himself in a category.

“I don’t really consider myself an actor or a musician. I am just an entertainment guy. The only differences between acting and music are subtle criteria. There are many similarities, although most actors and musicians would probably despair me saying that. I just like making stuff. I do all the cartoon stuff, acting … wrote commercials for a while … produced a movie in 2006 [and] have a podcast called The Spoon, and I have my band,” Rist said to LA Times in 2015.

He also composed some music for the strange, yet entertaining, “Sharknado” movies. He even has a live-action role coming up in Lifetime’s “Blending Christmas,” which includes other “The Brady Bunch” stars.

Rist’s Experience on the Classic Sitcom

While some child actors have some pretty negative experiences while growing up in the spotlight, Rist seems to have had an all-around good experience.

He was only in the last six episodes of the show. This means his experience is different than the rest of the crew. The show was also already canceled by the time the show aired.

“I had fun. All I knew was I was getting out of school, I got to stand on a piece of tape and say some words every once in a while and people would laugh. It was great for me. Then again, when you’re nine everything is great,” Rist said to Legendary Rock Interviews in 2012 regarding “The Brady Bunch.”

He also said that his parents made sure he always made sure he didn’t get into any bad habits that some child actors fall into. All in all, he’s just incredibly grateful.

“I am still working in entertainment and grateful, and there’s so many people who don’t even get that close,” he also said.