‘The Brady Bunch’: This Is When Susan Olsen Realized the Show ‘Was Cool’

by Anna Dunn

The Brady Bunch star Susan Olsen didn’t realize the show was cool for a while. The actress was the youngest on set at the time. She played the adorable Cindy Brady. Being so young, it took her quite a long time to realize just how much of an impact the show had nationally.

Once she realized the impact the show had, it had also drawn in some mockery. Some people found The Brady Bunch a bit corny and trite. Once she was grown, she really struggled with the mockery. She didn’t realize there were some people who thought the fact she was on the show was cool.

“The whole attitude was, “Oh, you were on that show,” like as if I had written it. It just wasn’t taken seriously; it was totally disrespected, and as a result we were disrespected,” Olsen recalled in an interview with The New York Post. I was in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts … realizing the only thing people really saw me for were for roles like Cindy all grown up, which I really didn’t want to play.”

This complex legacy followed each actor in some way, but there were also some serious upsides.

“Then, suddenly, the people who grew up on the show started coming into their own and being adults. I think first time I realized ‘The Brady Bunch’ was cool was when I met the singer from the Black Crowes, who came running up to me and said, “Oh my gosh, our drummer would be crying if he was here because he has an ‘I Saw The Brady Bunch Live in Concert’ picture on his wall.” Suddenly being cool with rock stars made a whole difference to me,” Olsen said.

One ‘Brady Bunch’ Star Worried He’s be Tethered to the Show Forever

Each kid on The Brady Bunch seemed to have a different attitude toward the entertainment industry. A lot of their parents got them into it. But stars like Christopher Knight never really wanted to be a part of that world. Knight now works in the computer industry.

Knight described feeling like it would have a hold on him for the rest of his life.

“I had the feeling I was being tethered to the show and it was going to create a burden in being considered a serious adult. But it became this thing that I owe everything to… What it really has provided is this wholeness with this community that’s huge,” he said.

Whether they were wanting to continue their careers in acting or wanting a normal life, things were tricky for the Brady kids. But one thing is for sure; they also got an incredible community of fans.