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‘The Brady Bunch’: Why Did Bobby Have Blond Hair in ‘A Very Brady Christmas’ Special?

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Max Miller/Fotos International/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

Avid The Brady Bunch watchers likely indulged in watching A Very Brady Christmas as well. However, if you did see it, you likely noticed a very odd quirk: Why did Bobby all of a sudden have blonde hair?

As it turns out, actor Mike Lookinland was a natural blonde, according to MeTV. When he was cast in the role of Bobby in the television series, producers wanted to dye his hair. The rest of the Brady men had brown hair, so they thought it would look odd if he was the only one with blonde hair.

Lookinland reported the experience was miserable. For instance, the hot studio lights would get so intense it caused the dye to melt. As it melted, it rolled down his head in brown streaks. This was unfortunately a common occurrence for the young actor. In fact, it was so bad he passed on the makeover process for the reunion, just to be safe.

I can’t say I blame him, it must have been both uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Mike Lookinland Thought Dyeing His Hair for ‘The Brady Bunch’ was ‘Very Weird’

The Brady Bunch producers wanting to dye Mike Lookinland’s hair is something he’s been vocal about since the show ended. Discussing the subject a few years ago in an interview, he found the whole process to be “very weird.”

Speaking to The New York Post, Lookinland reflected on the experience, saying producers wanted cohesion between the brown-haired Brady boys and blond Brady girls. “Practically the whole theme of the show from the beginning was a blonde mother and her three blonde daughters and a brunette father and three dark-haired boys,” he told the outlet. “That was the fundamental premise of the show.”

Continuing, he noted “I had kind of strawberry blond hair and when they cast me they told me I’d have to dye my hair. I didn’t like it and I recall it being very weird for me. No one ever really presented the hair color thing to me in that light and it was very strange for a 9-year-old boy to go to school one morning with red hair then show up on Monday with jet-black hair.”

Lookinland wasn’t the only one with hair dye problems either. Susan Olsen actually had her hair dyed so frequently it began falling out. Oddly enough, she was already blonde, but her shade didn’t match that of her on-screen sisters.