‘The Brady Bunch’ Writer Larry Rhine Once Had His Work Stolen by Iconic Movie Studio

by Courtney Blackann

It’s every writer’s dream to have their screenplay idea turned into a feature film. But maybe not without their permission or credit. This is exactly what happened to writer Larry Rhine when “The Brady Bunch” movie was made by Paramount.

While Rhine didn’t have a full-blown script stolen, he did have his ideas and premise taken and used for “The Brady Bunch” film by Paramount without his knowledge.

“I was horrified to see they had taken things from our premises and our characters and our dialogue and had never advised us of it, had never paid us for any of it,” Rhine said in an interview with Foundation Interviews.

“So I went to bet with the thing with the lawyers from the Guild and I got all the writers together and each of us got $5,000 from Paramount. And to show us what cowards they were, they sent us our checks in an unmarked envelope and with no clearance and nothing to sign. They realized what they had done.”

Rhine also said that a play was made from material he wrote for episodes. But he never received compensation for that.

While the writers and Rhine were eventually paid for their work, they still didn’t get the credit for their ideas in “The Brady Bunch” movie. Unfortunately, Rhine’s experience is a sad, but not unheard of, practice in Hollywood.

“The Brady Bunch” Star Speaks About Cast Reunions

While “The Brady Bunch” television series ended in 1974, its success has long endured. The Peter Brady actor Christopher Knight explained that the cast are still good friends – and they continue to make reunion shows to celebrate and reminisce about the show.

“We have done so many [reunion shows],” he says. “You would think the answer out of my mouth is we couldn’t possibly do another. But the reality is, there’s always talk of getting back together. Part of the attraction in any production that would have us together is us working together again. It’s like working with family. But better than that because you’re close, but not quite living under the same roof. It’s a wonderfully warm experience.”

The star also adds:

“Like two years ago when HGTV sat us down and told us that they bought the [‘Brady’] house. And that they had this plan, which came out of the blue,” he explained. “Certainly, Blending Christmas came out of the blue as well. There’s always something on the horizon. We can only hope that something is worthy of us getting back together. And of course, if it is, I’ll be there.”

And while the cast of Bradys don’t often get to meet, when they do, Knight says it’s a “miraculous” experience.