‘The Conners’ Alum Johnny Galecki Is Developing New Medical Drama

by Joe Rutland

With a lot of experience in the TV world, The Conners alum Johnny Galecki is working on the development of a new medical drama.

Galecki, who plays David Healy on The Conners but also played it on Roseanne, looks to move away from situation comedies to the more serious stuff. CinemaBlend offers some insights into the actor’s next steps.

Before moving on, yes, Galecki played Leonard Hofstader on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

His new work, though, revolves around a medical show based on the J.D. Kleinke novel Catching Babies. It will be for ABC.

Outsiders, there is no official title for this series. The drama will follow medical professionals focused on maternal/fetal and family medicine. Expect lots of episodes with loss, heartbreak, love, and bringing new life into the world.

‘The Conners’ Actor Galecki Has His Production Company Involved With Show

So, this new series is being written by Manifest co-executive producers Margaret Easley and Laura Putney. Galecki for Alcide Bava Productions, Reid Scott, Elspeth Keller, and Michael Baum are executive producing. Cory Wood of Alcide Bava will co-executive produce.

Who will be in the show’s cast? We don’t know, Outsiders. Galecki has a lot of acting credits to his name, including, of course, The Conners.

Some people will be looking to see if Galecki takes a turn in front of the cameras or not.

Oh, he hasn’t totally left the comedy world.

Galecki is developing a workplace comedy titled AOK. It’s a half-hour sitcom set in 1991. It follows a ragtag group of young employees working for an Internet company.

And if you are looking for The Conners, then check over on ABC.

Showrunner For Sitcom Says No Roseanne References Are Off-Limits

While The Conners does stay focused on current issues in the sitcom, there have been moments where the show’s characters have mentioned Roseanne Barr’s name.

Yet it is done within the context of a character going through things. For instance, Becky, played by Lecy Goranson, has been dealing with recovery from alcoholism.

Show director Bruce Helford did say that all references made toward Roseanne are considered.

In another CinemaBlend article, Helford writes, “Yeah, we’re respectful of the memory. But also, there are issues that the kids have, sometimes the kids have beef with the way they were raised. And on Roseanne, they mentioned it.

“Anything that feels honest at the moment,” Helford writes. “We don’t go out of our way to put a mention, obviously, in every episode. It’s only when we all just kind of stop and look at each other and go, ‘You know, they would bring up Roseanne here at this moment, so we should do it.’