‘The Conners’ Boss Teases Show May Get New Opening Soon

by Allison Hambrick

The Conners showrunner Bruce Helford revealed that the title sequence of the sitcom may be getting a facelift soon. Unlike its parent show Roseanne, the comedy’s opening has remained the same since its first season.

“We’ve been talking about it,” said Helford. “I think it’s gonna have to be updated. Honestly, it’s one of the things we’re experiencing a lot right now, is that with a lot of our actors, the availability of everybody is so scattered. And then, unfortunately, Katey had her accident. So we haven’t had a chance to kind of get everybody in one place at one time. Everybody’s been kind of out and about, and a lot of the actors have other gigs that they do, and things like that. But we’ve been talking about that; we’ve been talking about updating it. We’re still talking about that. It would definitely happen before the end of the season if we’re going to do it.”

Of course, the accident to which he is referring occurred fall of last year. A Tesla hit actress Katey Sagal in Los Angeles. As a result, she had to sit out of filming for a number of episodes this season.

“She was sidelined when she tried to tackle a car,” Helford quipped, before explaining that Sagal appears briefly in episode 11 before returning full time. “We had to do a scene with her where she was only sitting down because she wasn’t really fully walking.”  

Though Sagal wanted to push through the pain, the producers made the decision to push her return back.

“We understand she’s pretty well healed up and she’s making her return to the family in episode 14,” Helford added. “We’re really happy that she’s back and happy that she’s safe and well… She’s anxious to get back to work.” 

The Conners Showrunners Tease Upcoming Episodes

Additionally, Helford and fellow executive producer Eric Kaplan opened up about what the rest of the season has in store for The Conners.

“There’s going to be some big surprises coming into this season about where some of the Conners’ relationships go,” Caplan stated. “It’s a lot about the relationships. And the Conners have had a tough go for so long and now a lot of them have a chance to find happiness. But with the Conners, it’s never that easy.” 

Throughout the season, each character developed their own struggles with navigating relationships. Mark is dating his first real boyfriend. Becky and her college professor grow more and more attracted to each other. Darlene tries and fails to move on from Ben. Dan adjusts to being married a second time. Jackie dates a younger man, highlighting her insecurities. The entire Conner family is going for a ride.