‘The Conners’: Darlene Brings a Friend to Dinner in New Preview

by Megan Molseed

The hit ABC series The Conners returns to the airwaves next week.

And, when the series returns, viewers will be getting to know Darlene’s newest friend, Nick, who is portrayed by Andrew Leeds. In the episode, Leeds’s Nick joins Darlene and members of her family for dinner.

Among those family members that Nick will be joining Wednesday night is Darlene’s daughter, Harris. Recently, Harris and her mother have been facing issues as Darlene openly disapproves of her daughter’s newest boyfriend.

In a recent sneak peek clip of the brand new Conners episode we see Nick join the Conners for an evening pizza.

As the clip unfolds, fans of the popular ABC series see that Darlene who is portrayed by Sara Gilbert has not yet patched things up with her daughter Harris after a falling out in a previous fourth season episode.

Just before The Conners took a break on brand new episodes over the Thanksgiving Holiday, viewers saw Darlene and Harrison (Emma Kenney) in a disagreement over Harris’ latest love interest.

‘The Conners’ Guest Helps With A Big Disagreement

In the brand new clip, Harris enters the kitchen as Darlene sits at the table with Nick.

Harris declares that she is not speaking to her mother.

However, Darlene’s father, Dan (John Goodman), says that he simply wanted some time with his granddaughter. Of course, Harris is moved by this and decides to stay with the family for supper.

Darlene’s Aunt Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) then teases her great-niece. Jackie tells Harrison that Dan wasn’t bribing Harrison to talk to her mother with the promise of pizza. However, his convincing her to sit down was, in fact, part of Dan’s plan to get Harris and Darlene talking.

Soon, Darlene’s dinner guest, Nick, jumps in as the mother and daughter duo begin bickering once again.

“I think I might have an exercise that can help you get a little give and take in your relationship,” Nick tells Darlene and Harris in the recent clip from The Conners newest episode.

“Are you up for that?” Nick asks.

Both Darlene and Harris decide to agree to Nick’s offer. Hoping that Nick’s help could be beneficial as the mother and daughter try to mend their broken relationship.

A Brand New Relationship For Darlene

Fans of the popular ABC series first met Nick earlier this month when he guest-starred on The Conners episode week’s episode, Let’s All Push Our Hands Together For The Stew Train and The Conners Furniture on November 17.

In the series, Andrew Leeds portrays a former stockbroker who trades his career and his life of addiction for a simpler life. Soon, he is working at the same Zen bookstore at which Darlene recently started working.

The brand-new episode of The Conners titled Yard Sale, Phone Fail, And a College is slated to run on Wednesday, December 1 at 9 p.m. Eastern/8 p.m. CST.