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‘The Conners’: Darlene’s Daughter Harris Faces New Challenges in Upcoming Episode

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage)

Coming up on The Conners Darlene’s daughter Harris has a big challenge ahead of her. In the last episode, Darlene found a new boyfriend. That isn’t sitting well with her daughter and it shows.

Harris and Darlene have a good relationship, but it has its strains. Last week we saw Louise come back home and move into the Conners’ house. Ever since her last relationship, Darlene hasn’t had a love life, really. However, that changed when she met Nick during a night out. She really likes the new guy and so she wants to introduce him to her daughter.

As a single mom, Darlene is going to see how her daughter reacts to a new boyfriend. While she was hoping for a good meeting between the two, it quickly turned sour. Harris is not a big fan of the new change and there was a fight between the two of them. The Conners once again brings a very real situation to the show and move through the conflict like you might actually see in real life.

Not to mention, the whole family is on the edge and delicate at the moment. Dan has a huge decision to make. He has decided to sell the furniture set that he bought when he married Roseanne. That is a huge step and it is clear the change is likely to affect the whole family.

When we left The Conners last week, Harris was crying as she left her mother standing by herself. Harris is going to try and stay with Aldo, however, that looks like it’s going to not work out. If she can’t stay there, then she has a big choice to make as far as where she wants to go. Back to Darlene? Or somewhere else?

‘The Conners’ Dan Has a Hard Time Moving On

When we see the new episode of The Conners we know a bit of what to expect. It is basically just a continuation of the last episode. So, we know that Dan is trying to get rid of things from his previous marriage and that isn’t going to be easy. It isn’t just him that has to make the decision, his children will also have some input.

We might see some flashbacks, or hear the family reminisce on the past. Losing a wife and mother can be very hard. Then, once you start to move things out, that adds a whole new layer. Katy Sagal is back as Louise and she has moved into the house. So, Dan is going to have to make the decision to get rid of the old furniture and move on.

With a new wife, comes new furniture. Making room for the new stuff is going to be a big moment for the show. It is like an official moving on point. It is something that many viewers are going to relate to and they also might feel some emotions as the Conners home gets an update.