‘The Conners’ Executive Producer Talks Writing Around Katey Sagal’s Injuries

by Jonathan Howard

So, we are now officially in 2022 and that means The Conners has returned with all-new episodes and fans couldn’t be more excited.

When it comes to the rest of the season, there is a lot to get through. Thankfully, executive producers Bruce Helford and Dave Caplan talked with Entertainment Tonight about the show. One of the topics at hand was writing around Katey Sagal’s injury. The actress was hit by a car last October.

When an actor or actress gets hurt in real life, that can be a real challenge for the writers and producers on the show. However, thankfully Sagal has continued recovering. Helford says that the actress is expected to be featured in episode 11 of the season. That show will air on January 19.

“She was sidelined when she tried to tackle a car,” the executive producer joked. “We had to do a scene with her where she was only sitting down because she wasn’t really fully walking.” That’s dedication to the role and the show from all involved.

While she has been absent from The Conners for most of the season, she should be able to get back into the swing of things soon.

“We understand she’s pretty well healed up and she’s making her return to the family in episode 14,” Helford continued. “We’re really happy that she’s back and happy that she’s safe and well… She’s anxious to get back to work.”

Meanwhile, Dan and the family have been dealing with their own issues. Dan has been making the house more welcoming for his new wife. That meant getting rid of some old furniture. A lot of “relationship stuff,” is coming around the corner for The Conners.

‘The Conners’ Executive Producer Talks Second Half of Season

Through the first half of the season, fans have had some good drama and dynamics, but it’s turning up in the second half. Caplan talked about what fans should expect. That means relationship dynamics, familial and romantic, and more.

“[Darlene and Ben are] trying to live together [after breaking up] more or less because he’s a part of the family in a way. But it’s complicated and messy and we love that,” Caplan explained. Darlene will also try to navigate her new relationship with Nick.

Meanwhile, Mark, the youngest of the Conners, is having a hard time keeping up in school. His magnet school is causing him trouble. He can’t keep up with the work and is going to turn to pills in order to help. Many college students have done the same and many have realized it doesn’t help.

Mark is going to go through the rough patches just like his older sibling before him. He has a boyfriend, is dealing with that as well as coming of age. It is never an easy time.

The Conners is set to bring back Katy Sagal and show fans a whole lot of interrelationship problems and conflicts.