‘The Conners’ Executive Producer Teases Drama Between Darlene and Ben

by Joe Rutland

Do we have some new drama coming up on The Conners? If you listen to the show’s executive producer, then it might involve Darlene and Ben.

Dave Caplan, who oversees The Conners that stars John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, and Katey Segal, talks about this possibility with Entertainment Tonight.

Sagal, who plays Louise Conner, who is Dan’s second wife, has been off the show since she was struck by a vehicle. Her injuries have kept her on crutches, but Sagal is due back pretty soon.

What happens until she returns?

Oh, this Caplan cat has an idea.

Fans “can also expect an awful lot of juicy relationship stuff,” he tells Entertainment Tonight. Who does it involve?

It’s between Ben, played by Jay R. Ferguson, and Darlene, played by Sara Gilbert, on The Conners. They are trying to understand how to be in one another’s lives after breaking up.

“They’re trying to live together more or less because he’s a part of the family in a way,” Caplan says. “But it’s complicated and messy, and we love that.”

Messy and complicated on The Conners? Well, Outsiders, just pull up a chair and stay tuned.

Obviously, for those who have been following this show, they know that the cast here (for the most part) was originally part of Roseanne.

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‘The Conners’ Star Michael Fishman Talks About Directing John Goodman

Imagine having a chance to direct one of your co-stars from The Conners…and it’s John Goodman.

This is what actor Michael Fishman, who has played D.J. since the Roseanne days, had happened to him.

Fishman tells Movieweb that he will “never take for granted how amazing it is to stand next to him every day and to play. And now to direct him! And to get to participate and occasionally suggest things or add an action or add something to add depth to something.

“John’s a master,” he says. “I mean, it is watching a legend who is masterful at what he does day-in and day-out. So, you set very limited parameters and you trust him to trust his instincts if you’re really smart. You don’t tell him everything. You let him show you what he’s already thinking because he’s just so gifted.”

Fishman says that his directorial style lets Goodman and Metcalf have fun in their roles.

After all, they have been playing these characters for 30 years.

As a result of his time on the show, Fishman is in a unique position. He has an understanding of what makes The Conners work that others wouldn’t. Pretty good gig for D.J. these days with his castmates from the world of television.