‘The Conners’ Executive Producer Updates on Katey Sagal’s Recovery

by Kati Michelle

Mid-October of this year, news began to emerge of a scary incident that led to Katey Sagal’s hospitalization. A moving car reportedly struck her in the middle of a crosswalk as she exercised her pedestrian rights. The incident took place in Los Angeles. Authorities arrived at the scene and immediately transported the “Sons of Anarchy” star to a local hospital to treat her for injuries.

The incident left Katey Sagal in a wheelchair and put an indefinite pause on her role in the ABC sitcom “The Conners.” Now, Executive Producers from the show have provided a highly-anticipated update on her recovery and, luckily, it’s seemingly good news.

Executive Producers Say the Star Should Return to ‘The Conners’ As a Series Regular Sooner Rather Than Later

Bruce Helford and Dave Caplan revealed that Katey Sagal visited the set recently and even filmed her first post-accident episode for the show. However, her Louise character did not move around much during the episode due to Katey Sagal’s best interest.

“She was determined to make it back on the set,” Caplan told Pop Culture. “And of course, we were delighted. We didn’t want to rush her, but we were delighted as soon as she could get back. She said, ‘No, no. I’m coming in.’ And there wasn’t a lot of movement in the scene as Bruce was saying, but she said, ‘I’ll see you guys in January,’ meaning she fully expects to be moving around just fine in a few months.”

Helford added, “She’s tough, man. When she was on stage, I could see that she was in some discomfort still. I mean, she went through a lot. You don’t get hit by a car and just walk away from that, but she toughed it out. … We’ve heard recently that she’s feeling that in January, she can be right back where she was.”

The Rest of the Season Will Develop the Newly Married Couple’s Relationship

“The Conners” just saw Sagal’s Louise and Dan Conner (played by John Goodman) get married. The showrunners are especially excited to develop the couple’s relationship for the remainder of the season.

“A lot of what’s coming up in the season is really Dan and Louise adjusting to life together,” Helford said.

Caplan added, “The furniture’s kind of symbolic of the challenge of squeezing her way into the Conner clan, which is pretty tight-knit. They’ve been through a lot, and they’re close. And there’s a lot of them. And that’s kind of intimidating for Louise on some level. So making room for her furniture is really like making room for her. And while Dan wants to enthusiastically do it, it’s tricky to make room for new memories when you have so many old memories in a place.”