‘The Conners’ Fans Are Conflicted Over Dan’s Marriage to Louise

by Amy Myers

The show must go on, right? But no one ever said the show must go on with a new female lead. Fans of the rebooted sitcom The Conners aren’t quite sure what to make of Dan Conner (John Goodman) and his marriage to Louise Goldufski (Katey Sagal).

Of course, without Roseanne Barr on the show, there was a huge hole to fill in the cast, especially since Barr’s character had such a blunt personality and sense of humor. Without that extra bit of sass, the show surely felt a little flat. Still, they couldn’t create a character too similar to Barr’s, as it would feel like a second-rate kind of replacement. The Conners needed a strong female role with a softer touch than the last mother but still added to the comical and genuine family dynamic. Naturally, this sent producers on a hunt for the new co-star, and they landed on the unwedded, good friend of Roseanne Conner, Goldufski.

Writers introduced Sagal’s character early in Season 1, following Roseanne Conner’s untimely death. Slowly, they built up the storyline between her and Goodman’s character, establishing a friendship, then a couple and, finally, a husband and wife.

Take a look at some of the reactions The Conners have received from fans.

Some celebrated the addition of the talented actress to the cast…

“Love them together. They have great chemistry,” another user wrote.

Others, meanwhile, weren’t quite so quick to welcome Goldufski to The Conners.

“The only good thing about The Conners is Katey Sagal. The show sucks! They made Jackie into an idiot! And Dan would’ve NEVER remarried!” one passionate fan wrote.

One fan let this edited image speak for her, implying that she would rather have Barr onset than Sagal.

‘The Conners’ Newcomer Faces Real-Life Danger

Along with welcoming Katey Sagal to the family, fans were also sending her well-wishes as she recovers from her injuries. During the episode, a tornado causes The Conners to rethink their wedding plans. And though the cast certainly wasn’t in any danger on set, Sagal became the victim of an accident on Friday. While using a crosswalk in Los Angeles at 11:40 a.m., an oncoming Tesla turned left and hit the 67-year-old actress. The driver stopped to help Sagal, and moments later, an ambulance arrived to take her to the hospital.

According to TMZ, Sagal thankfully only suffered minor injuries, and doctors expected her to make a full recovery. So far, no arrests or citations have been administered.

After finding out that Sagal was on the mend, husband Kurt Sutter helped keep the situation lighthearted with a joke he shared in an Instagram post.

“She’s the only one bringing in money right now… so I’ll be picking her up from the hospital later, taking her to that Dancing With the Stars audition,” Sutter wrote.