‘The Conners’ Fans Offer Solutions for How Show Could’ve Tackled Mark Plot Line About Pills

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images)

One thing that The Conners doesn’t do is take it easy on the drama. However, there are times when fans wish things had gone differently.

The latest example that has fans reworking the situation in their heads has to do with Mark. The youngest Conner is under a ton of pressure at school. His magnet program is just not going how he expected. There are many parallels between his story and the issues his mom and aunt had in the original Roseanne series.

One fan u/the_queen_of_nada took to Reddit to ask fans how they felt. They came up with a couple of solutions for how the whole Mark story could have gone. Due to his problems at school, he has started taking his boyfriend’s medication to help him focus. That hasn’t sat right with this fan or others.

One of the solutions that the poster came up with had to do with Becky. Aunt Becky doesn’t always act like the best aunt. In many ways, she is still her teenage self. “She should know exactly what Mark is going through,” the fan said. “And what his fears are but it seems like she doesn’t care. It’s a shame we don’t see her as an aunt much.”

The other solution had to do with Dan and other family members like Darlene coming together. Dan could explain to Mark that school isn’t everything. The Conners family has always been working class. Perhaps grandpa can give some fatherly advice to young Mark and smooth things over.

Then, there’s Helen, the mom of Mark’s boyfriend. Why doesn’t she know about the pill situation going on? There was a similar instance when Dina and Becky got drunk and Dina’s mom confronted Roseanne. So, how should The Conners have settled this?

More Solutions to Mark’s Troubles on ‘The Conners’

This post got the interaction going on the subreddit. There were quite a few upvotes and of course, replies. The Conners has done its best to stick to the old model that fans loved with Roseanne. However, it is important that it keeps the stories fresh and original.

One reply to the post from u/jvp180 was just not big on the show as a whole. “Everything on The Conners falls into the boat of leaving you thinking ‘this could have been done better.’ That’s just how the show is and will continue to be, unfortunately.”

However, The Conners isn’t necessarily meant to end with a happy note. The show does the best it can do at portraying a working-class family just trying to get by. A young, bright kid in the family who feels they must rise above their current situation. That’s going to result in some conflict. Perhaps the Mark pill plot will be smoothed over soon enough.