‘The Conners’ Has Put Becky Through the Wringer but Where Will She Go Next?

by Taylor Cunningham

Becky’s life hasn’t been easy on The Conners. But in season four, the newly sober mother is starting to turn things around.

Since season one of the Roseanne spinoff —The Conners—debuted in 2018, Becky’s life has been in shambles. And alcoholism has been at the root of all her problems. During season one, the oldest Conner daughter started hitting the bottle hard. And during a bender, she had a one-night stand with her La Casita Bonita coworker, Emilio Rodriguez. 

Surprisingly, the encounter left Becky pregnant. And the series saw the 43-year-old soon-to-be mother struggling with the idea of raising the baby. At first, she considered giving the child up for adoption. But after some consideration, she decided to keep the little girl, whom she named Beverly Rose, which was a tribute to her grandmother and great-grandmother.

While pregnant, Becky managed to get her drinking under control. And for the first few months of Beverly’s life, she remained sober. But being a single parent proved to be a difficult task. Becky’s finances were struggling, so she started working long hours at Wellman Plastics—the same place her mom and aunt Jackie worked during the first season of Roseanne. And she began taking classes at the local community college in hopes of landing a more fruitful career in the future.

On top of all that, Beverly’s dad ended up being deported. And after he snuck back into the country, he had to lay low so ICE wouldn’t catch him. So all of the responsibility for Beverly was on Becky’s shoulders. And after struggling to keep herself together for a few months, she had a moment of weakness, and she reached for the bottle again.

Becky Agrees to Go to Rehab on ‘The Conners’

Becky Conner worked hard to create a stable life for her new daughter on The Conners. But while doing so, she burned herself out, both mentally and physically. And one fateful night, she fell for temptation and ended up blackout drunk.

The Conners writers chose to revisit Becky’s addiction because they didn’t accurately portray her battle with alcoholism. And they believed that throwing the new mom off the wagon would do justice to the struggle.

“When she was going through her original drinking problem on the show, she stopped [because] she was pregnant,” showrunner Bruce Helford told TVLine. “After the baby was born, she stopped nursing and could conceivably drink again [but she didn’t]. And we thought we may have done a little bit of a disservice making it look so easy that someone could stop cold turkey.”

Luckily for Becky, she has a family who loves her. During an intervention in season three, Dan, Jackie, and Darleen convinced Becky to seek proper treatment at a rehab facility. And the three of them agreed to care for Beverly and Becky’s finances while she was away.

In season four, Becky is home and sober. And Emilio worked things out, so he’s able to help Becky raise their daughter. So it looks like she may be able to turn her life around, but she will have some issues along the way.

“Her horizon is bigger now, and she’s got an opportunity to do a lot of things,” executive producer Dave Caplan said. “We’re going to see her trying to find new coping skills for life. Initially, she tries some that maybe aren’t tenable in the long term, and they create complications.”