‘The Conners’ Has a Subtle Nod to Its Past

by Lauren Boisvert

“The Conners” has been in the spotlight recently because it has felt like the show isn’t addressing the Roseanne issue; fans feel like the show is ignoring the death it wrote for her when it rebooted without her.

But, in fact, “The Conners” actually makes a subtle reference to the original “Roseanne” in the set design. The house looks exactly the same as it did on “Roseanne,” and the characters react to it in a way that brings attention to that fact.

Dan and Louise recently moved Louise’s belongings into the house after their marriage. Louise commented on the house set-up, claiming that “there’s a long history of fighting and dysfunction” in the living room and kitchen, “and I want to respect that.” So, “The Conners” set remains relatively untouched from its time as the “Roseanne” set.

Louise and Dan compromised on redoing their bedroom and leaving the rest of the house as it originally was. According to ScreenRant, the fact that they only changed their bedroom makes it feel like the show is trying to limit the upheaval to Dan’s relationship. This leaves the family dynamic untouched. It’s an interesting way of preserving the “Roseanne” legacy without actually having her on the show. “The Conners” is recognizing its past and moving on from it. But, they’re still acknowledging the impact that the original show had.

‘The Conners’: Darlene Has a New Friend in Upcoming Episode

In a three-episode arc on “The Conners,” Darlene has brought home a new friend to meet the family. It’s rumored the two are dating, and that it won’t last long. But, in a new clip from the upcoming episode, Darlene’s new friend Nick joins the family for a pizza and a disagreement.

Harris comes into the kitchen and announces that she’s not speaking to her mother. Darlene has vocally disapproved of Harris’ new boyfriend. Apparently, Dan “tricks” Harris into sitting down at the table and talking to her mother by saying he wants to spend time with his granddaughter. Jackie claims that Dan wasn’t actually trying to trick her when Harris complains. But, when Harris and Darlene start bickering, Nick cuts in.

“I think I might have an exercise that can help you get a little give and take in your relationship,” he says. Harris and Darlene agree to try things his way, hoping to fix their broken relationship. He’s not Ben, but maybe Nick could be a little bit helpful after all. He’s only slated for three episodes, though; it’s possible his relationship with Darlene doesn’t work out. Could Darlene still be rebounding from Ben? Only the new episode, airing on Dec. 1, will tell us.