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‘The Conners’: Here’s When the Show Returns

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

This week’s episode of The Conners is going to be all that fans will get for a while. Like, a long while. The show is taking a hiatus.

Due to the Winter Olympics, this week’s episode was the last one until February 2. At that point, it is going to be another hiatus until February 23! So, now with the bad news out of the way, let’s get into some other things. The show has been setting itself up for the return of Katey Sagal but in the meantime, has moved the story along with other characters.

One of the Conners that found themselves in trouble was young Mark. His situation was not going well when the show last left off. When the show comes back, it might mean that Mark is still struggling. Or, perhaps the storyline will move on to another member of the family. There isn’t a lot of information out yet about the upcoming episode, but we do have a title.

Hot For Teacher and Writing a Wrong will pick up where this week’s story left off. It will likely move in another direction as well. There have been ongoing issues within the family. From Mark’s school and drug issues to Darlene’s love life, to Dan dealing with his new bride coming to live in his home with him. It stinks that there aren’t going to be consecutive episodes for a while, though.

By the time the show brings back consecutive new episodes, fans will be dying to catch back up with The Conners. There have been a lot of good episodes this season and that will hopefully continue into February and beyond.

‘The Conners’ Tackles Schools, Drugs, and Love

Mark did not have a great time in the last couple of episodes. His school work and the expectations he faces started to get to him. So, he turned to his boyfriend for help. It wasn’t malicious and was done with good intentions, but it leads to Mark being hooked on pills to help him focus.

Of course, that isn’t the way to solve his issues. It is very interesting how the writers have made parallels with the original Roseanne series without copying it directly. Becky and Darlene had their fair share of struggles and vices growing up as well.

The Conners has also been featuring Darlene and her love life. There’s Ben and Nick and it is all becoming very complicated. Nick is moving in with her, and that means more changes coming her way. Of course, Dan continues to deal with being a widower and newly married again. What will happen as the season moves forward? The season is going to pick up shortly after the Olympics and there will be a lot to keep up with.