‘The Conners’: How Darlene Can Fix Her Relationship Woes

by Lauren Boisvert

Now, I’m not one to usually give relationship advice. Just kidding, yes I am, especially when it comes to telling fictional characters what to do. On “The Conners,” Darlene is stuck in a romantic rut, and there are a few things she could do to remedy that.

Firstly, she’s currently trying to get over Ben, who turned down her marriage proposal in season 3. She’s turning to philosophy and religion to get over her heartbreak, but she’s still wallowing. But, Darlene doesn’t need these far-reaching approaches to mending her broken heart. She has a wealth of knowledge and advice right at home.

Her father, Dan, just got remarried in the previous episode to Louise. Surely the newlyweds have some advice on finding and sticking with love. They recently had to learn to adapt to situations that are less than ideal, when a storm blows the roof off of their house and almost ruins their wedding. Safe to say, they couldn’t go on a honeymoon after that, having to use the money to fix the roof.

But, Dan and Louise learned to make do, and to celebrate the fact that they were together at all. They used Virtual Reality headsets to go on an imaginary honeymoon, and the pair became fully invested in seeing the good side of a bad situation. Darlene could do with some of that positivity right about now.

‘The Conners’: How Aldo and Harris Could Help Darlene

Aldo and Harris seem devoted to each other as well, despite the age gap and Aldo’s checkered past. They both jumped at the chance to move in together, and Harris is great with Aldo’s kids. They’re taking the next step in their relationship together, as a unit. Darlene didn’t do that when she was with Ben, resulting in her getting distracted and stuck on her problems.

Darlene needs to spend some time with people in love, even though it might hurt at the moment. She needs to see what it’s like to be in a healthy relationship, put down the books and really study the people in her life. She has all the information right there in front of her, all the examples she could ever need to learn how to love another person. Darlene just needs to pay attention.

What Darlene should really do is go to a therapist, but I don’t predict “The Conners” will explore that route. That doesn’t make for good TV, at least not the kind of TV that “The Conners” is going for. The show is more about family, and learning from the people you have around you. If Darlene just asks for help instead of turning to self-help and philosophy books, she could get on the road to recovery and maybe get Ben back.