‘The Conners’: Jackie Will Take a Big Risk In Upcoming Episode

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

“The Conners” really speaks to family. You can’t live with ’em, but you can’t really live without ’em either. The ABC sitcom balances some seriously hilarious and unhinged moments with some pretty solid life advice and gratitude. As “The Conners” tries to reconcile with its “Roseanne” past, some people are also curious about the fate of their Jackie.

Although Laurie Metcalf’s Marjorie “Jackie” Harris is often referred to as the “backbone of the family,” she shows her neurotic side every now and then on “The Conners” as well. The upcoming Season 4 Episode 7 return of the hit ABC sitcom will see Jackie take a pretty big risk. This is what our Outsiders need to know.

Jackie to the Rescue in the Upcoming ‘The Conners’ Episode?

Some viewers might be upset to find out that “The Conners” is scheduled for a brief hiatus. That’s thanks to the CMA Awards which is snagging its ABC spot on the 10th. But don’t worry, after Luke Bryan and the Zac Brown Band do their thing, it will be full steam ahead for all your favorite characters the following week, November 17th.

So, what’s there to expect? Well, it looks like Jackie might be taking that “full steam ahead” thing a little too seriously. And the episode title? It’s a mouthful: “Let’s All Push Our Hands Together For The Stew Train and The Conners Furniture.”

Essentially, The Lunch Box reaches a whole new level of busyness and it gets to the point that it’s almost impossible to keep up. Jackie, however, thinks she can do something about that. She hatches a plan of action that’s so crazy it just might work. Well, that or drive the business completely under… Here’s a teaser for you:

Throwback to an Epic Costume Contest

Halloween might be a few days removed already, but that doesn’t mean the party has to be over just yet. Especially with all the supply chain issues, some people are just now getting their costumes anyway. Remember that time the Conners tried to win a costume contest?

In case you forgot, it’s a grab bag of chaos and laughs. There’s Napoleon “Blownapart” and Sharknead O’Connor to start. If you don’t understand that last reference, don’t worry. Jackie didn’t really understand it either and said “I need more than that.” Apparently, it’s a play on Sinead O’Connor mixed with the infamous “Sharknado…”

And the motivation behind these hijinks? An Instagram contest for the “scariest family.” The prize doesn’t exactly include fame and glory, though. Instead, a giant sub and beer are what’s at stake.

Check it out: