‘The Conners’: Joe Walsh Joins the Show As Aldo’s Father

by Jonathan Howard

The Conners is back from the short winter hiatus and now the show is set to bring in some great guest star talent. Joe Walsh appears as Aldo’s dad.

That’s right, the legendary musician is heading to your screens. On January 19, Walsh’s character is going to be in the thick of things. Dan’s granddaughter is with boyfriend Aldo. Aldo is tattooed, wears leather, and looks the part of a rocker.

“Joe wants to break up Harris and Aldo,” executive producer Bruce Helford said to ET. “He doesn’t feel like it’s a right match.”

So, Dan has to go to bat for Harris. She is a 19-year-old adult now and should be able to make her own decisions. That means if she wants Aldo to move in with her, then that’s what she’s going to do. Walsh’s character is a roofer and of course, knows how to play the guitar and sing a bit as well. He’s going to get into a fiery discussion with the Conner’s patriarch.

In an exclusive shot from the episode, Dan is sitting on the couch with Walsh. There are beer bottles laid out on the table, and the two look like they’re jamming along in the living room. The guest appearance is going to be a big part of the upcoming arc that Harris has.

Another character is going to be having a big story arc on The Conners as well, young Mark. The siblings have some tough roads ahead of them this season. Then, Darlene deals with the breakup with Ben while also trying to work on her new relationship with Nick.

‘The Conners’ Executive Producer Explains Upcoming Drama

One of the reasons people loved Roseanne and now The Conners is because of the realness of the family. The house isn’t a McMansion. They don’t have a living room that looks like it’s from a magazine. And, they go through some real issues on the show.

One of those issues is dealing with a blended family. Darlene is trying to make it work with Ben still living with her, according to executive producer Dave Caplan. However, with Nick entering her life, that looks easier said than done.

That isn’t the end of the drama for the family either. Unfortunately, it seems that Mark is going through a tough time as well. Harris has gone through the young part of her life. Just like his sister and his aunts and uncle before him, Mark is going to have a serious arc coming up that fans are going to love.

Mark is dating, he has a boyfriend, and he is going to a tough magnet school and dealing with the pressures there. Not being able to keep up with the workload, the youngest on The Conners decides to turn to pills. Like many college students before him, he might find out that medicating isn’t the way to turn your grades around.