‘The Conners’: Katey Sagal Returns to the Set Following Injury

by Chase Thomas

The Conners is getting Katey Sagal back perhaps sooner than many folks may have thought. Sagal returned to the set of the program on Friday following the horrible accident that involved her getting struck by a car.

Her co-star and on-the-show husband John Goodman revealed the pleasant news on CBS’ The Talk this week. Goodman said, “She’s better but she wheeled her way into the studio. She looks great but you can tell she’s a little shaken up still.”

As you could imagine, Sagal is not all the way back as Goodman suggested. You can only imagine what Sagal has been going through since mid-October when the accident took place.

Will The Conners play into her injury on the show and acknowledge she is not physically 100 percent yet? Only time will tell, but it is undoubtedly awesome to see Sagal back on set working again.

Katey Sagal on ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Sons of Anarchy was perhaps Sagal’s most iconic show to date. Even after the show ended years ago now, fans still love to rewatch the program on their preferred streaming platform. It still resonates with TV fans everywhere as one of the best shows of the 21st century created by her husband Kurt Sutter.

However, you can imagine how people might think there might be some crossover between Katey and Gemma Teller with all how she played the role. Gemma was a complicated character on the show, but she was also an unforgettable one. Sagal said, “I’m a real family person. I have three children. How my children are raised is of utmost importance to me, and I’m really involved, which is a quality that Gemma also has. She’s all about her family, and keeping this lifestyle of hers together. There’s that similarity. I think that Gemma tends to be vain, as do I, in certain ways.”

Sagal continued, “What you’re seeing this season, which has been really interesting to play, is not a softer side, but a more Zen-like approach. What’s interesting to play is when people start to have a conscience about where their lives are going and what’s been happening. A lot of her viewpoint is being influenced by Nero, who is not as ruthless, and that shades her. She tends to soften a little bit around him, which I think she likes. It’s nice.”

Gemma Teller And Katey Sagal

From a family standpoint, Sagal gets Gemma. They both would do anything for their children and their family. They both are hyper-involved in their children’s lives and want the best for them. As much as Gemma interfered in Jax’s story, she did so because deep down she did want what was best for him and the club. This dynamic was one of the central themes of the show for many years and part of what it made it so great and why Sagal was so memorable in the role.