‘The Conners’ Producer Says Dan and Louise Will Face Newlywed Challenges

by Jonathan Howard

There are a lot of new and exciting things around the corner for The Conners. Dan is remarried and will face some challenges with his new wife, Louise.

One of the things that Louise asked of Dan is to get rid of his old bedroom set. It is the one he and Roseanne bought when they got married. In order to start things anew, he has to not just get rid of the furniture, but he is also set to reconcile his previous chapter in life. The episode, titled Yard Sale, Phone Fail, And a College Betrayal is set to air tonight at 9 PM EST.

Executive producer of The Conners, Bruce Helford talked about the new changes with PopCulture and what it means for Dan in the long run.

“A lot of what’s coming up in the season is really Dan and Louise adjusting to life together. The furniture’s kind of symbolic of the challenge of squeezing her way into the Conner clan, which is pretty tight-knit. They’ve been through a lot, and they’re close. And there’s a lot of them. [That’s] kind of intimidating for Louise on some level.”

Helford also explained that the removal of the furniture is a sign of the Conners making room for other new addition. These are big life changes that surely some viewers will be able to relate to in some way or another. Blended families aren’t always easy to put together. For Dan, this is something that he wants to do for his new wife. However, there is going to be reminiscing and thoughts about his first marriage and all the memories he has in that room with Roseanne.

‘The Conners’ Try to Move On

There was more that The Conners executive producer, Helford, had to say about the episode. This is about more than just Dan, of course. The entire family lost their wife, mother, sister, and friend when she passed in the show. While the show’s writers and producers don’t always throw on the Roseanne emotions, they have a “gut instinct” about when to revisit the character. He explained how they go about adding those parts to the show.

“As the matriarch of the family, her passing wouldn’t go away in a year or two or three. It’s always kind of there. And so, we just kind of gut it out. It’s when we feel that it’s appropriate and we do from time to time, we all just kind of say, ‘You know what? They would definitely mention Roseanne here.’ And we try and do it in a way that’s respectful for the memory of Roseanne.”

So, when it appears in The Conners, it comes off naturally and isn’t forced. It isn’t there for the sake of being there.