‘The Conners’ Producer Says Darlene Will Go on a Journey of Self Discovery

by Lauren Boisvert

Darlene has gone through a lot of changes on “The Conners.” Most recently, it’s been her love life that’s changing. Ben refused her proposal in the previous season, saying that she wasn’t ready for marriage and moving in together.

Fans have been waiting for the two to get back together since then. But it seems like things are moving at a glacial pace. Now Darlene is single, and she’s reevaluating her spirituality to get over heartbreak. She first turned to philosophy, but now it seems like she’s moving more toward self discovery and spirituality to get her back on her feet. “The Conners” executive producer Dave Caplan spoke to Pop Culture about Darlene’s spiritual awakening, and what that means for her character.

“Darlene’s on a spiritual journey to find herself and make herself into the person she wants to be,” Caplan said. “And that’s all in the wake of her breakup with Ben, that she knows a good amount of that was her own self-sabotage. She’s trying to figure out how not to make the same mistakes again in her life and how to move forward. And she’s looking for a way to kind of connect to something bigger in her life.”

Currently, Darlene is dating Nick. It’s rumored that he only appears for three episodes, so it’s possible that relationship doesn’t work out. Producers have stated that they’re not done with Ben yet, so could he be coming back? Ben had such a big role in the Conner family, with Darlene’s kids and Dan and everyone; there’s no way he can just disappear like that.

‘The Conners’ Subtle Reference to its Past

“The Conners” has previously been accused of ignoring the past, and glossing over the fact that Roseanne died in the fiction of the show. But, in reality, there’s a subtle nod to the show’s past right in plain view.

It’s in the set design; the Conner household looks exactly the same as it did on “Roseanne.” That fact has come to light recently; Louise has been moving her belongings into the Conner house. Louise mentions that there are a lot of memories in the house, and she’d like to preserve them for the family. Dan and Louise decide to just replace their bedroom furniture, to make it truly feel like theirs. The living room and kitchen stayed exactly the same.

Executive producer Bruce Helford has said that they go by their gut for when the family would bring up Roseanne. “It’s when we feel that it’s appropriate, and we do from time to time, we all just kind of say, ‘You know what? They would definitely mention Roseanne here.’ And we try and do it in a way that’s respectful for the memory of Roseanne.”