‘The Conners’ Ranked TV’s 2nd-Rated Comedy

by Samantha Whidden

ABC’s hit series The Conners is reportedly tied to being ranked the second-rated comedy during the 2021-2022 TV mid-season.

According to TVLine, The Conners is the #2-rated comedy in a tie with season one of CBS’ new series Ghosts. The fourth season of the ABC comedy premiered in September. It is currently on a mid-season break and will resume on January 5th. The Conners currently has a 0.9 rating with 5.05 million total viewers 

As The Conners’ fourth season continues, it seems as though things are going to be awkward for Darlene. According to the episode’s summary on IMDb, Darlene is bringing Nick to the hardware store. The duo runs into Ben, who invites Nick to join him at The Lunch Box to watch a Bears game. Meanwhile, Dan tries to spruce up the bedroom while his new wife Louise is out on the road. And Jackie meets Logan’s mother. 

Mike Fishman Opens Up About Reprising His ‘Roseanne’ Character & Directing Upcoming Episodes of ‘The Conners’ 

During an interview with MovieWeb this week, Mike Fishman opened up about reprising his Roseanne character for The Conners. “I think the general thing when you come back to a character after such a long period, which is what people are experiencing now as we do these remakes, there’s this nostalgic kind of stepping through the time warp feeling. That is very surreal. Especially when you get a very similar set or the exact set as in our case.”

The Conners castmate also said that when Roseanne ended, he was fifteen. “My life is so radically different and my character’s life is so radically different. It’s really about studying where he was and who he was. And then trying to decide who he would be now. And what you would want him to be.”

Fishman then stated that his Roseanne character has definitely evolved through the years. “We got to see this in a whole new place. We got to meet him as an adult. And we got to meet him after having served in the military. And this whole process of his life. And having a child and being in all these dynamic relationships.”

The Conners star explained the importance of talking about his character’s PTSD. “So there are times where he was a little frustrated or a little short or a little angry. Or there were times that I had to really draw on his old kind of humor. And that kind of that playful spirit and that heart. So trying to find the two is a really complex thing. And we’ve done a really good job.”

Fishman stars on The Conners alongside John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert, Alicia Goranson, and Emma Kenney.