‘The Conners’ Showrunner Opens Up About Moving Past Roseanne Now That Dan’s Remarried

by Michael Freeman

The Conners latest episode showed Dan and Louise finally marrying one another and beginning their lives together. A new interview with the show’s showrunners explains the journey Dan has gone through moving past Rosanne and addressing married life again.

Executive producers Bruce Helford and Dave Caplan spoke to TVLine about a plethora of topics concerning the show. One subject fans often bring up is Dan moving on from Rosanne after her death. His relationship with Louise developed slowly and Roseanne’s passing has been a sensitive subject. So, how will the show address it after the two married one another?

Caplan offers an explanation first, saying it’s a huge issue among the writers.

“That was a big topic of discussion in the writers’ room, about how much to have that discussion [in these early Season 4 episodes]. We took such care during the whole first season, after the character wasn’t in the show anymore, and we’ve never shied away from discussing Roseanne Conner’s impact on the family. “

Caplan continues, saying they will respect her character and Dan’s emotional well-being. “Dan had such a difficult time dealing with her death and moving on, and we felt like we were very thorough there, and very respectful of both the Roseanne character and of Dan’s feelings.”

“And by the way, we’re not done discussing that,” Helford adds. “There are things that come up as Louise moves into the house, as it is appropriate and as it feels real.”

Lecy Goranson from ‘The Conners’ Talks About What Becky is Doing in the Newest Season

Though Lecy Goranson didn’t reprise her role as Becky in the season 4 premiere of The Conners, she said the character had a good reason for it.

Also speaking to TVLine, Goranson said in real life she was attending a charity gala. Her character, on the other hand, attended a “sober retreat.” Meeting Jason Alexander’s character, she admires him and introduces him to Darlene.

“Becky is so impressed, in fact, that she introduces the pastor to Darlene, who is currently in need of some spiritual guidance following her break-up with Ben,” the actress states. “She says to Darlene, ‘Look, this guy is the real deal. He’s not pretending to be someone he’s not… You wouldn’t believe that he’s actually a pastor.’ And it turns out that Darlene gets what Becky is saying,” Goranson reveals. “She gets a kick out of him, and they have their own special bond.”

Becky also enrolls herself in school. According to Goranson, doing so brings back the almost nerdy, straight-A student she used to be. She concludes by saying the duality of who Becky was and who she is now is fascinating and looks forward to exploring it.