‘The Conners’ Star Travis Burnett Opens Up About Period Drama That Also Starred ‘Dexter: New Blood’ Star

by Victoria Santiago

The Conners star Travis Burnett is speaking out about his interactions on-screen and off-screen with his Dexter and Friday Night Lights costars. The star, who plays Logan on The Conners, has also recently shared the screen with Taylor Kitsch and Michael C. Hall. The trio acted in a period drama Netflix series called The Defeated. It was originally called Shadowplay. The show is chaotic, suspenseful, and full of action. So how does that translate on the set?

Burnett told J-14 magazine it was “really, really fun.” Burnett spent a lot of time working up close and personal with Taylor Kitsch, who is widely known for his role on Friday Night Lights. Burnett says that Kitsch has an interesting way of acting on set. Of course, it’s different than Burnett’s usual comedy, so things are bound to be done in different ways.

For example, Burnett says that off-screen on comedies, actors often talk to each other. However, in The Defeated, Kitsch didn’t really talk off-screen. “He just went away and just thought about his character,” Burnett said. It was interesting getting to see that removal. “I don’t want to say he stayed in character the whole time, because he definitely didn’t. He was still very nice, personable, but he stayed in that world,” Burnett added.

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Star Michael C. Hall Also Starred in Drama

We don’t hear much about Michael C. Hall from Travis Burnett, but he also starred in The Defeated. Of course, we know Hall best from his time on Dexter and Dexter: New Blood, but the actor is versatile. The Defeated is just one show in a long list of features the star has made.

Most notably, fans are happier than ever that the Dexter star decided to come back for a revamp of the popular Showtime series. The first four seasons of the original Dexter received stellar ratings and had high viewership levels. However, as the show went on, the show became disorganized. The rating differences between the first few seasons and the last season are vast. This is due to the numerous plot holes, bad writing, and rushed scenes that we get in the last couple of seasons. To compare, Season 1 of Dexter had a Rotten Tomatoes score of 82%, whilst Season 8 received a score of only 33%.

Thankfully, Showtime seems to have redeemed itself with the release of Dexter: New Blood. Some criticism is making the rounds on social media because the finale just aired, but overall the show was a success. The creators of Dexter said that they wanted to redeem themselves for letting Season 8 and the show finale flop so hard. The original show didn’t end in the way that anyone wanted it to. Thankfully, this new series has fleshed out a proper ending for Michael C. Hall’s devilish character.