‘The Conners’: Things Are Going to Get Awkward for Darlene in Upcoming Episode

by Taylor Cunningham

When we last watched The Conners, Darlene was feeling insecure about her new beau. And when the series ramps back up next month, things are going to get awkward.

The fall finale of The Conners followed Darlene as she got acquainted with her newest boyfriend, Nick (Andrew Leeds). So far, the romance has been going well. But Darleen can’t seem to get over the fact that Nick chooses not to own a cell phone or any other mobile device.

As her anxieties get the best of her, Darlene worries that Nick is two-timing her. But by the end of the episode, Darlene realized that her suspicions were stemming from her own past infidelities. And she decided to let go of her paranoia.

But ABC recently released a synopsis of its winter debut titled Three Exes, Role-Playing, and a Waterbed, and it looks like Nick and Darlene’s relationship is in trouble.

“Thinking it’s Ben’s day off, Darlene brings Nick to the hardware store only to run smack into Ben, who invites Nick to join him at The Lunch Box to watch a Bears game,” it reads. “Meanwhile, Dan tries to spruce up the bedroom while Louise is out on the road and Jackie meets Logan’s mom.”

Nick and Ben Will Have a Run-In on ‘The Conners’

We can only imagine that the “three exes” ABC is referring to are Nick, Ben, and Darlene. And when Darlene’s ex and new boyfriend officially meet, they’ll probably have a true sitcom interaction.

As we all know, Ben and Darlene called it quits after Darlene proposed and Ben said “no.” And not only did he turn her down, but he also humiliated her by airing all of his grievances with her personality. It took Darlene a long time to lick those wounds, and all the outsiders are guessing she’s not really over Ben.

Dragging Nick to Ben’s hardware store is also a classic Darlene move. She tends to get herself into destructive—albeit humorous—situations. And since there is no good reason to take Nick to the store aside from the “off chance” that she could have a run-in with her ex, we’re guessing that on some level, she’ll do it on purpose. What’s more fun than showing the man who scorned you that you’ve moved on, after all?

And perhaps Darlene is hoping that Nick could spark some jealousy inside of Ben. Since Nick’s Andrew Leeds is only sticking around for a three-episode arc, there is good reason to believe he’s a rebound guy. And rebounds tend to get used, even if it’s not intentional.

But judging by both Nick and Ben’s personalities, there is a good chance that the guys will get along fabulously. And while the situation could pan out to be pure gold for us, it could be pure hell for Darlene. Because instead of making the love of her life rife with jealousy, he’ll end up being buds with her new guy.

We’ll find out just how awkward the meeting turns out when The Conners comes back on January 5th.