‘The Conners’: Why Didn’t the Show Bring Back These Familiar Faces for Dan’s Wedding?

by Joe Rutland

It was quite a night on “The Conners” Wednesday night as Dan finally married Louise. But some familiar people were missing.

OK, Outsiders, we’ll back up a minute. Dan Conner, played by John Goodman, married longtime girlfriend Louise Goldufski, played by Katey Sagal. The highlights from the sitcom’s fourth episode of Season 4 come from TVLine.

Some characters who did not show up included Chuck and Dwight, two of Dan’s good friends, along with Ed Jr., Bev, and Crystal. Where were they? Bruce Helford, one of two executive producers on “The Conners,” talked about this with TVLine regarding this episode.

‘The Conners’ Executive Producer Said Actors’ Availability Played Role In Episode

“There were a couple of things: First, the availability of the actors,” Helford said. “James Pickens Jr., for instance, has this really hardcore schedule over on Grey’s Anatomy, and it’s very hard for Estelle Parsons to travel right now, so that was all in the midst of the discussion…

“There would have been a lot of those people, but they weren’t available,” he said. “We also had in mind that we didn’t want to crowd the stage during COVID.”

The ABC sitcom is part of ABC’s Wednesday night schedule. Other cast members include Laurie Metcalf, Lecy Goranson, Sara Gilbert, and Michael Fishman.

In case you didn’t know, then “The Conners” is a spin-off from “Roseanne.”

ABC Show Dealt With Roseanne’s Painkiller Addiction as Part of Her Character

Back on the Sept. 29 episode, Darlene, played by Gilbert, found a note Roseanne wrote in a Bible. The note is a plea from Roseanne to God.

The note reads, “Dear God, Please take away this pain from my knees and my back. I can’t bear it anymore.

It continues, saying, “I keep turning to the pills, but this is me, turning to you instead. Please help me. I have to keep working — and if you can just do this one thing, I will honor you forever.”

So, Outsiders, viewers of “The Conners” learn that Roseanne wrote the note before swallowing a fatal overdose of painkillers.

Sitcom Found Way To Have Fans Take Part In Season 4 Premiere Show

This was the time that “The Conners” gave details about the struggle she had with opioids.

It was a storyline producers had lined up for “Roseanne” which was revived on ABC. But Roseanne Bar was fired for making racist statements on social media. That led to the creation of this new sitcom.

“The Conners” had a very interesting way to kick off Season 4.

They managed to have viewers as part of the premiere beyond just watching it.

See, fans entered a contest that would decide who hatted with the sitcom’s stars. Fans had no idea who would call them.