‘The Conners’: Why Doesn’t the Show Mention Roseanne in Latest Episode?

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Mike Coppola/WireImage)

On the latest episode of The Conners, the family takes a trip down memory lane and reminisces about their childhoods. But Roseanne Conner was never mentioned—not even once.

Last Wednesday’s show titled Let’s All Push Our Hands Together For The Stew Train and The Conners Furniture, Dan’s blushing bride Louise packs up her stuff and moves into Dan’s Deleware and Third Street abode. But Louise brings a lot of furniture with her, which leaves Dan scrambling as he tries to downsize his own belongings.

Of course, the set of The Conners hasn’t changed since the first episode of Roseanne in 1988. And the Landford home has become quite iconic. Roseanne’s faded plaid couch and colorful afghan are as recognizable as the actors themselves. And the idea of replacing them with Louise’s new furniture was painful for the Conner family.

So, feeling nostalgic, each family member started tying the age-old furniture to memories of their childhood. And the whole concept was great. But for some reason, their mother Roseanne was completely missing from their stories. Roseanne didn’t get a single mention in the entire episode.

Despite the drama surrounding Roseanne’s exit in 2018, the character herself was still important to her on-screen family. So, leaving her out of the story seemed strange. The episode offered writers a chance to tie up loose ends and perhaps do the story more justice. But they ignored that chance.

It’s obvious that the writers would like to separate Roseanne from the comedy altogether. But Let’s All Push Our Hands Together For The Stew Train and The Conners Furniture didn’t help achieve their goal. Instead, it made Roseanne’s absence even more obvious.

‘The Conners’: Katey Sagal Returns to the Set Following Injury

Katey Sagal was absent from The Conners for quite some time following an accident that landed her in the hospital. But last Friday, she made a return to the screen.

“She’s better, but she wheeled her way into the studio,” co-star Dan Goodman joked on The Talk. “She looks great, but you can tell she’s a little shaken up still.”

On October 14th, Sagal was crossing an LA street when a Tesla struck her. The car was making a left turn and the driver did not see the actress walking on the crosswalk. Luckily, Sagal only suffered minor injuries. But she did spend some time at the hospital. And after she left, Sagal had to take a break from work while she healed.

The recurring actress still has a ways to go before she’s fully recovered, which Goodman made clear on the talk show. But, she’ll continue to star on the sitcom regularly from here on out. However, her role may be limited while she works to fully recover.