‘The Conners’: Will the Show Be Making a Change to Its Opening Credits?

by Taylor Cunningham

Now that Dan has a new wife on The Conners, will she be added to the show’s iconic opening credits? Probably not. Here’s why.

Over the decades, Roseanne and its spinoff, The Conners, has started each episode with a bluesy tune and a sit-down meal. But despite a lot of change-ups on The Conners, the producers haven’t updated the opening credits since Roseanne’s character died in 2019.

So it would seem logical that Dan’s marriage to Katey Sagal’s Louise would lead to another update. But The Conners executive producer Bruce Helford said he’s not planning on having Louise join the rest of the corners at the breakfast table any time soon.

“We really haven’t changed or altered [the opening credits] in any way [since Season 1],” he told TVLine. “Honestly, I imagine if we did alter them, we would be including [Katey Sagal]. But as far as her technically being a regular, and whatever that means contractually, we leave that open.”

Helford isn’t insinuating that Sagal will leave the show soon, though. Louise will continue to be a regular character, but Sagal’s contract gives her more freedom than the rest of the cast members.

“It’s always been the same. Even when she was doing Rebel, she put into her contract that she had to be free to do as many episodes of The Conners as she wants,” Helford clarified. “I don’t know if there’s an actual number, but I know that she’s going to be in more than half the episodes.”

Dan and Roseanne’s Fourth Child Hasn’t Made an Appearance on ‘The Conners’

During Roseanne’s season eight Halloween special, the Conners welcomed their fourth child, Jerry Garcia, to the family. But in the reboot, Jerry doesn’t seem to exist.

When Roseanne came back to ABC in 2018, most of the lovable and dysfunctional characters came with it. But Dan and Roseanne’s fourth child was not featured in the original reboot. And he still hasn’t made an appearance in the second spinoff, The Conners.

Originally, producers attempted to write Jerry out of the show by saying he was away on a fishing trip. But as the years passed, it seemed as though Jerry never existed at all. And we questioned his birth even more during the 2020 Halloween special—which would have been Jerry’s birthday. During the episode, Becky made an odd comment about the family only having three children. So what gives?

In a recent interview with TVLine, showrunner Bruce Helford explained why the missing fourth sibling is, well, missing.

“We decided that some of the things from the 8th and 9th seasons wouldn’t apply, as they were either limiting to opening new creative roads for the characters or part of the ‘dream’ period, like winning the lottery,” Helford explained. “We didn’t really have room to add Jerry Garcia, but we had a soft spot in our hearts for him, so we put him on a fishing boat and said he rarely contacted the family.”