‘The Dr. Oz Show’ Takes Ratings Hit After Mehmet Oz Announces Senate Run

by Allison Hambrick

In the wake of Mehmet Oz announcing his run for senate, ratings for “The Dr. Oz Show” have reportedly dropped. Previously, the show always ranked in the top 12 for talk shows, so this decline is unusual.

For the week ending on Dec. 12, The Dr. Oz Show earned a 0.5 rating. These ratings were down 17% from the previous week. Additionally, the ratings for 2021 are significantly lower than those for 2020. The numbers for The Dr. Oz Show in 2021 were down 29% in comparison to those that it earned in 2020.

On Nov. 30, Oz announced his run for State Senator of Pennsylvania. He is seeking to fill the seat left by Senator Pat Toomey, who is set to retire after the current term. Oz has no experience in politics aside from serving on President Trump’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition. 

“I’m running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania because America needs a Conservative Republican to cure what’s wrong with Washington,” Oz captioned the announcement video for his campaign. “I’m a world-class surgeon, fighter, and health care advocate stepping forward to cure our country’s ills.”

As a result of his campaign, Oz announced that his show will be ending its 13-season run. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has an equal time doctrine. This dictates that anyone running for political office be granted equal airtime opportunities. Obviously, The Dr. Oz Show complicates things. In order to provide a fair opportunity for all candidates, the show has to end.

What Will Replace The Dr. Oz Show?

Audiences immediately speculated as to what will fill Dr. Oz’s spot when the end of the show was announced. Viewers of The Dr. Oz Show may be familiar with the host’s daughter, Daphne Oz.

Daphne is a television host, chef, and food writer. She also co-hosted The Chew, which won an Emmy in 2020. Now, Daphne is receiving a spinoff of her father’s series. This new show is called The Good Dish, and it came from a popular weekly segment on The Dr. Oz Show. Next Food Star winner Jamika Pessoa and Top Chef judge Gail Simmons host alongside Daphne Oz.

Zack Hernandez, the VP and General Sales Manager of Sony Pictures Television, shared his excitement for The Good Dish in a recent statement: “Audiences have been loving what Daphne, Gail, and Jamika have been serving up during their weekly segments on The Dr. Oz Show for years. We have long believed The Good Dish would make an excellent stand-alone series and are delighted to be able to deliver this fresh take on the cooking genre to our station partners and their viewers across the country.”

The last episode of The Dr. Oz Show will be on Jan. 14, while The Good Dish premieres on Jan. 17.