‘The Goldbergs’: Jeff Garlin Addresses HR Investigations into His Actions on Set

by Matthew Memrick

Jeff Garlin responded to his alleged inappropriate behavior on “The Goldbergs” recently, and the comedian-actor told Vanity Fair magazine he admitted to “silly” behavior with no harmful intentions.

People magazine reported on Garlin’s response. “The Goldbergs” is filming its ninth season. 

The magazine said the 59-year-old man’s actions toward women on the show “engaged in a pattern of verbal and physical conduct on set that made people uncomfortable.”  

Garlin said he was a “kind and thoughtful person” who makes “mistakes.” He talked about his comedy as a way to “ease people’s pain” and not “cause pain” or “bullying.”

The actor said ABC had not fired him from the sitcom, but Sony Pictures states that a three-year Human Resources investigation has addressed Garlin’s set behavior. Garlin’s representatives did not respond to that investigation directly.

Other Allegations Against “The Goldbergs” Star 

The “Goldbergs” star did respond to a few specific incidents. According to People, one involved a “physical and verbal” altercation with a stand-in that reporter Maureen Ryan witnessed.

Garlin responded that he made a “misconstrued” joke that “missed” with an apology soon after, but “nothing physical” happened.

As for physical issues on the set, Garlin admitted to being a hugger. He said he may have made contact with crew members who did not want to be touched. “The Goldbergs” star admitted he would respect anyone who said they didn’t want a hug.

Garlin also said he would “never physically come at anyone, for any reason.”

Finally, Garlin addressed one incident where he sent a text to a “Goldbergs” colleague saying they should go to the “next table-read wearing only panties.” The actor denied the allegation, wanted to see the specific text and said he doesn’t talk that way in real life out of respect.

Garlin professes his goal is to make the show “go smooth” after the investigation. He also vowed “not do” any silly stuff “out of respect.”

The actor apologized for hurting feelings or making anyone feel uncomfortable.

He admitted to boredom and frustration with Sony executives’ business “parameters” and almost left before the current season. 

Garlin Auction Off His Guitars

The collector recently posted on Instagram his extensive collection of guitars and announced an auction on Wednesday. By Friday, folks bought up all 11 Garlin guitars with sales going to his charity, Let’s F*** Cancer.

A 2021 Fender Custom Joe Strummer guitar and a 1959 Gibson ES-435 Sunburst Stereo vintage guitar were a couple of the auctioned guitars. “The Goldbergs” star told Guitar.com that he has no problems performing his comedy routines on stage, but performing with a guitar in front of people may cause him to “vomit.”

Carlin said, “selling my guitars and giving all of the money to @letsfcancer.”

He added, “get a great guitar, give to a great charity, write it off on your taxes. Thank you.”