‘The Goonies’ Iconic Oregon Home Hits the Market: Here’s How Much

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Warner Brothers/Getty Images)

If you are a fan of the 1980s movie The Goonies, then maybe you’d be interested in putting some money down on a house. No, it’s not just any house. It happens to be the one that was highlighted in the movie directed by Steven Spielberg. So, if you have a spare $1.65 million around, then you can purchase it.

The home is in Astoria, Oregon, and is located along the Pacific Coast. It is a two-story Victorian house. The house has been listed by John L. Scott Real Estate. This comes nearly 40 years after The Goonies put the house on the map as a tourist attraction and local phenomenon.

Festival Takes Place Around Theme Of ‘The Goonies’ Movie

The Goonies features Mikey, played by Sean Astin, and his brother Brandon, played by Josh Brolin, living in this house that’s part of Goondocks, a fictional neighborhood. Spielberg created the movie from a story from him. Richard Donner directed the movie. People who love the movie make the trek to Astoria every year during The Goondocks festival. The Astoria-Warrenton Chamber of Commerce calls the festival an annual celebration of The Goonies to “revel in the nostalgia of Mikey and the gang’s epic adventures.” 

The house was built back in 1896. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house does feature panoramic views of the Pacific Northwest coastline, white wood siding, and a wraparound porch, USA TODAY reports. According to KOIN-TV, listing agent Jordan Miller said that he and the seller aren’t just looking for any buyer of the house. “It has to be someone who appreciates this movie and the history of this movie and this beautiful town,” Miller said.

Movie Bad Guy Robert Davi Seeks Role In TV Show

In The Goonies, Mikey and Brandon happen to find a treasure map in their attic. They attempt to find the gold and fend off a wealthy developer who happens to be eyeing their home so a golf course could be built. While the attic may not contain a treasure map, it did get converted into a bedroom with a gold-painted bathroom.

Speaking of the movie, Robert Davi, of course, is remembered as playing a bad guy in it. But he reportedly has his eyes set on another show. Guess which one he wants to be a part of in his career? Yellowstone. In a clip that he shared with fans on Twitter, he said hello to everyone who watches the show. But he also gets a jab in there too. Davi said that “he’s not on that show” but he should be. When it comes to villains on Yellowstone, there is probably plenty of room for another one. Imagine seeing Davi, in a character, go up against Kevin Costner’s John Dutton.