‘The Hogan Family’ Star Edie McClurg Felt ‘Blessed’ by Long Career

by Megan Molseed

She was the adorably annoying nosey neighbor on the hit sitcom series The Hogan Family, but we couldn’t help but love her.

Edie McClurg’s Hogan Family character, Mrs. Patty Poole certainly tended to poke around in situations that didn’t involve her. However, she was also the neighbor anyone could count on. When her friends needed her, she was always there. While The Hogan Family which also starred Ozark’s Jason Bateman, saw quite a few changes during its six-season run, McClurg’s Mrs. Poole was certainly one of the more regular, and recognizable characters on the series. But, McClurg’s face – and voice – are ones that we have all seen, and heard, many times in films and television over the years. Even before her time on The Hogan Family.

“I feel blessed,” Edie McClurg tells KansasCity.com of her long and successful career in the business.

“A lot of things have flown past my mind for a while,” the actress adds in the 2017 interview. “But I know there are many people who still remember and still talk about (my work).”

McClurg Played Some Memorable Characters Before ‘The Hogan Family’

Before Edie McClurg graced the small screen as Mrs. Poole on The Hogan Family, she found some very memorable roles in Carrie and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. We all remember her in the iconic 1986 comedy, right? McClurg’s character, Grace, the school secretary who tells the principal, Ed Rooney, that most of the student body – you know, the “sportos, the motorheads…” view Matthew Broderick’s Ferris Bueller as a “righteous dude.”

Other movie roles Edie McClurg has landed during her long career include a turn as the massively annoying rental car lady who sends Steve Martin well over the edge…well, a little more over the edge in the 1987 hit Planes Trains & Automobiles. She also had roles in Curly SueNatural Born Killers, and the 1997 Robin Williams film, Flubber.

Prior to her turn on The Hogan family, Edie Poole also found quite a few prolific roles on television. Over the years, Edie McClurg has portrayed characters on The Richard Pryor ShowWKRP in CincinnatiHarper Valley P.T.A., and The Jeffersons, among others.

Edie McClurg also guest-starred in a variety of television sitcoms and dramas such as SeinfeldSabrina the Teenage Witch, and Married… with Children, 7th HeavenCaroline in the City, and Melrose Place. You may also recognize her from her extensive career as a voice actor in some major Disney hits including The Little MermaidA Bug’s LifeCars and Cars 2, and Frozen.

“I met people from all over the world who wanted me to [quote the lines],” says Edie McClurg of the fandom she has developed during her career. McClurg adds that this never gets old. She loves when a fan remembers her from a particular role; and so when she is asked to quote the lines, McClurg is happy to oblige.

“I just love that people keep remembering the film,” the actress says.