‘The Late Late Show’ Goes on Hiatus After James Corden Tests Positive for COVID

by Hannah Heser

Another year goes by with the coronavirus still in place. The world is still asking when this virus will end once and for all. With the new strand of COVID-19 in effect, more people have been testing positive. For example, James Corden from The Late Late Show is the latest celeb to test positive. Now his show is on hiatus until further notice.

James Corden Tests Positive For COVID-19 After the Most Recent Late Late Show

Following James Corden’s recent test result, CBS declared that the Late Late Show must take a break. Even though Corden is fully vaccinated and has his booster shot, he still contracted it from someone. According to TVLine, Corden posted an update for his followers on Instagram.

“I just tested positive for COVID-19. I’m fully vaccinated, boosted and because of this I feel completely fine,” Corden said. “The show will be off the air for the next few days. Stay safe everyone.”

I know what you’re thinking, what are people going to do without new episodes this week?

In the meantime, CBS is going to replay older episodes until the show can pick up again, according to TVLine. The original plan is for the show to resume on January 18, but we’ll see!

For those of you that look forward to this show, tonight’s episode is from November 18 last year. You know, the one with Keith Urban? That’s right!

Despite this unfortunate break, it’s not the only show that has had to do this. For instance, Seth Meyers on Late Night With Seth Meyers also had to cancel his show for testing positive.

Are There Any Upcoming Announcements for the Late Late Show in 2022?

Despite the never-ending pandemic drama, Corden has some upcoming announcements for the show this year. Last year, the Late Late Show received 9 billion views on YouTube with 27 million subscribers. Not bad for a late night show, right? James Corden was pleased.

Because the show keeps growing in popularity, it’s likely that these numbers will rise in 2022.

Well, Outsiders, do you think the Late Late Show will include anything new this year?