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‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ Star Joyce Bulifant Opened Up About What She’s Done Since Series Ended

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Michael Boardman/WireImage/Getty Images)

Actress Joyce Bulifant had a sweet role as the wife of Murray Slaughter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. What has she been doing since then?

So, her character was named Marie Slaughter and actor Gavin MacLeod played Murray on the long-running CBS sitcom. We check on what Bulifant has been up to with some help from Best Life.

She wrote her memoir My Four Hollywood Husbands and has been open about how issues have affected her life. Issues like alcoholism and abuse that, Bulifant says, led her to marry so many times.

‘The Mary Tyler Moor Show’ Star Wrote Book About Troubled Marriages

The Mary Tyler Moore Show actress says “all four husbands” she discusses in the book were alcoholics. Bulifant can see now how her codependency and enabling were a part of the problem.

“I’ve done (the book) to let people know they’re not alone,” Bulifant told Daily Press in 2017. “I lived a fairy tale life except for a lot of drinking (by the husbands) and a lot of abuse.”

These days, she is living in Glenwood Springs, Colo., nearer her children. Bulifant also is quite focused on advocacy work related to these issues. The actress and her last husband created a center for abused children there. Bulifant plans on spending her time fundraising and learning more about advocacy work.

Her recent film credit dates back to 2019. She also is one of the classic TV show’s final cast members to still be alive. Bulifant has said that her Marie Slaughter character was a recurring one. Therefore, all of the regular members of this stellar cast are no longer alive.

Ed Asner Recalled His Audition for Lou Grant Role on CBS Comedy

One of those other cast members who sadly died in 2021 was Ed Asner, who played crusty and sometimes cuddly Lou Grant on there.

Asner would recall his audition for that part back in 2018. He discussed it with Entertainment Weekly. 

Asner said that creators James L. Brooks and Allan Burns believed he could do a sitcom. Funny because before his audition, they decided he was Lou Grant.

But the actor did not know this. After his audition, Asner thought he lost his chance to star on the show.

“I read as I thought they wanted to hear me read, and they laughed and said the appropriate ‘Thank you, we’ll be in touch,'” he said. “From what I heard, after I left, Mary turned to them and, with a tremendously screwed-up face, said, ‘Are you sure?’ I don’t blame her for asking the question that way, because it was a meshuggeneh reading. The producers then said to her, ‘That’s your Lou Grant.'”