‘The Masked Singer’ Reveals Premiere Date for Season 7

by Hannah Heser

Guess what Outsiders! The Masked Singer has finally revealed the premiere date for its seventh season.

Earlier today, FOX News shared the news. And fans don’t have to wait much longer for the first episode to air.

Details For the New Season of The Masked Singer

Firstly, the series will return to the screen on Wednesday, March 9. According to PopCulture, fans can see a few members from the original cast, such as Nick Cannon. They also revealed that the judges’ panel will return. The panel consists of Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger.

Additionally, the sixth season ended in December, which wasn’t too long ago. Throughout this season, the cast was split into two groups. The groups eliminated a member until someone won the competition. Towards the end of the season, the Bull won from Group A while the Queen of Hearts won from Group B. Then, the two masked singers competed against each other in the finale.

Well, their performances stunned the judges, but there can only be one winner. So, with that said, the Queen of Hearts from Group B took home the prize.

Afterwards, the Queen of Hearts gave some insights for the competition. The Masked Singer presented her with an opportunity that she will never forget.

In the interview, she said, “I have never written songs that show my technical ability as a vocalist, which is weird. I don’t know why. I’m just more of a storyteller and never felt the need to really show off technically,” according to PopCulture. “But this show is all about technical ability and heart. And so, for me, that was really fun to push myself, to sing songs I’ve admired since I was a little girl, songs that made me want to be a singer.”

Willie Robertson From Duck Dynasty Appeared on the Show

Last season, Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson was the voice behind the mallard on The Masked Singer. He was the perfect actor for this role.

Last year in November, Willie Robertson revealed his face on the finale episode. Not only did Willie succeed at this role, but it took a lot of convincing from his family. And he even hired a vocal coach to help him get ready to voice the Mallard.

Maybe we’ll hear some more familiar voices in the seventh season. Are you ready for it?