‘The Munsters’ Reboot Trailer Released: See Rob Zombie’s Spin on the Monster Family

by Caitlin Berard

When it was announced that horror movie legend Rob Zombie would be at the helm of a film reboot of the classic TV series The Munsters, it didn’t take long for concern to circulate among fans. What would a Rob Zombie version of The Munsters look like? Would it be filled to the brim with violence and gore like the rest of his movies?

Classic TV fans soon heaved a sigh of relief, however, as the film was revealed to carry a harmless “PG” rating. Zombie then released a teaser trailer showcasing the new Munster family: Lily (Sheri Moon Zombie), Herman (Jeff Daniel Phillips), and Grandpa (Daniel Roebuck).

Now, we can get an even closer look at Zombie’s cartoonish, family-friendly approach to the reboot, as a far more detailed trailer just dropped. Zombie shared the trailer on his Instagram page, adding the caption, “THE MUNSTERS. Check it out! The new trailer has arrived!!!!!”

The trailer opens by listing Rob Zombie’s directing experience. As werewolves howl in the distance, the narrator says, “Rob Zombie, the director of House of 1000 Corpses, Halloween, and The Devil’s Rejects brings you the greatest love story ever told.”

Following the unexpected twist at the end of the statement, the spooky background noise drops out. We then see Lily Munster’s werewolf brother Lester (Tomas Boykin), who says, “Uh… I don’t like the sound of that,” no doubt a wink at Zombie’s many ardent horror fans.

Is the ‘Munsters’ Reboot a Prequel?

Details about the film remain securely under wraps. However, the new trailer suggests an interesting development: it appears to be a prequel to the classic TV series.

Keep in mind Rob Zombie has never outright stated that the reboot is a prequel. The only things we know for sure are that it includes a handful of new characters, employs “hyper-real” colors, and will be close to 3 hours in length.

That said, Zombie has never even hinted at the inclusion of beloved characters Marilyn and Eddie, the Munster children. Additionally, the trailer points toward the meeting and subsequent love story between Lily and Herman. And obviously, this would take place before the events of the series.

For fans of the original series, the exclusion of Marilyn and Eddie remains a little disappointing. That said, a Herman/Lily love story could be the perfect way to explain the lack of fan-favorite characters. It would also help to keep the movie fresh and interesting.

When it comes to gothic black comedy power couples, no duo will ever come close to Morticia and Gomez Addams. A romantic Herman and Lily Munster backstory, however, could put them far closer than the family-centric TV series ever did.