The ‘NCIS’ Actor You Likely Didn’t Realize Stars on ‘Yellowstone’

by Liz Holland

Michael Nouri is an “NCIS” actor who’s been in the game for a very long time. He’s starred in eons of projects since the 1970s and hasn’t lost a bit of momentum. While he plays Ziva’s dad on “NCIS,” you might be wondering where else you recognize him from. Remember that salt and pepper banker, Bob Schwartz, that Beth Dutton reports to on “Yellowstone”? Yup, that’s him. That is until Beth gets in with Market Equities and fires Bob. 

Not only has Michael Nouri appeared in both of these current shows, but he’s been in a ton of other movies and TV shows. In fact, he was a pretty huge deal with the ladies– and just in general– after he starred as Nick Hurley in the 1983 movie “Flashdance.” 

Nouri is living proof that even if your big moment is decades in the past, you can still ride that momentum. In an interview with The Observer in 2004, over 20 years after “Flashdance,” Nouri talked about the film. “It was big,” he said. “We can’t all have these blockbuster movies. I’ve had one Flashdance in my career. As I get older, and having been in the business for three decades, it’s more about gratitude, it’s about being grateful for what has come my way.”

Michael Nouri Has Done It All

Nouri has certainly starred in an impressive array of roles, even if none of them were as big as that project. He’s been in Soap Operas, TV Dramas, Westerns, and Crime shows. He’s had appearances in romantic comedies like the 2009 film “The Proposal,” and played a Doctor on the series, “The O.C.” He’s appeared on “NCIS,” “Law & Order,” and currently has two projects in post-production. The list truly goes on and on. 

One thing Nouri has maintained is his ability to charm women. While he was often referred to as a “womanizer,” Nouri countered in that 2004 interview that that wasn’t true at all. He says he simply hung out with women that were actually “man-izers.” “It’s not that I’m a womanizer. They are man- izers. I hang out with women who are manizers. Make no mistake about it: I love women,” he said. 

One of Michael Nouri’s former girlfriends was able to speak to why he was so appealing. 

“He’s one of the sexiest men around, a great swordsman,” said Victoria Vicuna, a former party girl who dated Mr. Nouri. “He’s a big guy, but he’s got a certain vulnerability to him, a teddy-bear quality. There is mystery: No one’s been able to get him. I mean, he’s dated everyone from [Johnson and Johnson heiress] Libbet Johnson to …. And he never wanted to be anybody’s toy boy. He’s an independent man. He preferred to starve and live very simply and really hold out for a good role than just sell out.”

And good roles he’s certainly landed since then. Be sure to keep an eye out for Nouri next time you tune into “NCIS”! Or, you can re-watch his episodes on “Yellowstone” through a whole new lense.