‘The Partridge Family’ Spin-Off Star Bobby Sherman Talked Reliving His Glory Days

by Joe Rutland

Imagine being one of television’s brightest stars and on a spin-off of The Partridge Family. Those are glory days for actor Bobby Sherman.

Speaking of glory days, Sherman would remember them indeed. We get to see what he said thanks to this article from Best Life.

What was the spin-off you might be asking? It was a show called Getting Together about two songwriters. It lasted one season.

‘The Partridge Family’ Spin-Off Star Does Not Act Anymore

If you are looking to see if The Partridge Family spin-off star acts anymore, then you will be disappointed. Sherman doesn’t act anymore. Yet he was getting out there and still singing music at times.

Back in 1998, he joined Herman’s Hermits lead singer Peter Noone and The Monkees’ lead singer Davy Jones on tour. They all got together for what was called The Teen Idol tour and they sang some of their old hit songs.

“What we’re doing is appealing to the family unit, because our fans now have families of their own,” Sherman said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight back in 1998. “They’ve brought them up, and now they’re bringing them to the show and they’re bringing their spouses and we’re having a lot of fun.” But the last concert date that the one-time Shindig! star did was in 2001.

Actor-Singer Would Move From Show Business To Being First-Responder

So, Sherman would move in his life from becoming a star to being a first-responder. That really is a shift in life for someone who spent time on studio lots.

He talked about making this choice when doing a 1998 interview with The Washington Post. When Sherman talked to the newspaper, she was 55 years old.

The Partridge Family spin-off star admitted that he was grateful for his Hollywood success. But said that he was simply exhausted.

“I’d film five days a week, get on a plane on a Friday night and go someplace for matinee and evening shows Saturday and Sunday,” Sherman said. “Then get on a plane and go back to the studio to start filming again. It was so hectic for three years that I didn’t know what home was.”

But he did take a look back on his career in 1997 when doing an interview with the Tulsa World newspaper.

He explained that in show business, it can be hard to hold on to your success. “I really always realized that there were going to be pitfalls, and there were always going to be ups and downs,” Sherman said. “But I knew the bottom line was that if you secured your money well enough then at least you wouldn’t be bitter about it.”