‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Basset Hounds Help Her Husband Ladd Feed the Cattle

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine)

As if we didn’t want to live on The Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond’s Oklahoma ranch enough already. On Friday morning, the Food Network chef shared a stunning sunrise photo that included her two Basset Hounds. Additionally, she joked that her husband was the one helping the two dogs feed the cattle instead of the other way around.

Ree Drummond’s almost 4 million Instagram followers and fans often get an inside look into the Drummond family ranch. Ree and her husband, Ladd, own a working ranch near Pawhuska, Oklahoma where they’ve raised their four biological children and foster son. Further, the famous TV chef owns a brick-and-mortar store called The Pioneer Woman Mercantile in the small town. So fans get plenty of insight into her ongoing operations.

Today, Ree shared another look into what it’s like waking up as the sun rises as their workday on the ranch begins. There’s plenty to do around any working ranch, and the same goes for the Drummond’s. The Pioneer Woman and her family aren’t just showing off for TV, they’ve always lived the ranch lifestyle. That’s part of the authenticity of Ree Drummond’s brand.

Ree Drummond’s Dogs Let Ladd Tag Along This Time

Yet today’s Instagram post didn’t show herself or Ladd or even their children at work. Instead, it focused on the family’s two Basset Hounds who were also up at the crack of dawn. In fact, Drummond joked around that they were the ones feeding the cattle this morning, and they allowed Ladd to tag along.

The celebrity chef added a beautiful picture to her post showing off the Oklahoma sunset. Among the early morning haze, cattle are seen in the field grazing in the background. In the foreground of the pic, the Drummond’s two trusty dogs, Fred and Rusty, look like they’re ready to get to work. We can assume the photo was taken with a smartphone as their day began, but it’s still about as picturesque as it can get.

“Ladd helped the Bassets feed cattle this morning. (They let him tag along from time to time, you see.) Fred and Rusty keep this place running! According to them…,” Ree Drummond amusingly wrote on Instagram.

‘The Pioneer Woman’ is the Football Mom Anyone Can Relate To

While Ladd and Ree Drummond have the two dogs to help around the ranch, they don’t have many children to lend a hand at home these days. Their eldest daughter is married and three of their children are off at their respective universities. Therefore that only leaves her youngest son, Todd, who is a senior in high school.

Todd is on his school’s football team, so it’s no surprise that Ree and her family are super supportive. In fact, Drummond is so supportive that she arrived almost three hours early to her son’s most recent away game. Now that’s dedication.

“I arrived at Friday night’s away game 2 hours 47 minutes early…just so I’d have time to get settled!!” Ree Drummond shared last Friday.