‘The Price Is Right’ 50th Anniversary Show Wins Big in Ratings

by Jonathan Howard

Despite putting up a rerun, CBS was able to win Wednesday night primetime with another showing of The Price is Right Celebrates 50 Years.

The holiday television special reflects on the history of the game show. Lots of Bob Barker, lots of prizes, contestants, and more. This wasn’t the first time CBS aired the special. However, it was able to earn a 0.6 rating in the 18-49 demo. 4.95 million viewers tuned in and watched as well. It claimed both the highest-rated and most-watched show of the night.

Now, The Price is Right might be new to primetime, but that hasn’t stopped it from performing very well. It was just last week when The Price is Right at Night claimed the top spot for Wednesday night. So, for all those folks that might work second or third shift, now you can watch America’s best game show without having to be up early in the morning for it.

Elsewhere around television, it was a night filled with reruns. Over on ABC, this week has been just about all reruns. That means Wednesday night, The Wonder Years got to have a little marathon. They picked up just over 2.11 million viewers in a week that is usually not great for network TV.

Then over on NBC viewers got a big dose of the Chicago One universe. Med, Fire, and P.D. all got a turn during the night. However, it was no doubt that The Price is Right ruled the night and commanded the most viewers by far.

While Bob Barker is the first name that comes to mind when thinking about the show, Drew Carey has had a lot of time as host of The Price is Right. His tenure on the show takes up a big chunk of that 50-year history. Earlier this year, he took the time to talk about why the show has been so popular over the years.

“It’s regular people [playing], that’s why,” the host said. “And the viewers are regular people who get to see people they can relate to having a fun day and hopefully winning prizes they wish they could win.”

“Even [prizes] you think aren’t so glamorous, like a new kitchen. I mean, I would like a new kitchen!” Carey exclaimed.

Really, there isn’t much to the show. You don’t have to know trivia. There is no solving a word puzzle. No giant set with a huge video board and all kinds of wild and crazy gimmicks. Instead, the show is just fun games. Based on the price of various household items. That’s something everyone can relate to.

The Price is Right continues to be an American favorite. Is there anything that the show hasn’t done?