‘The Ranch’ Star Ashton Kutcher Once Made Himself Seriously Ill Preparing for a Role

by Kati Michelle

Ashton Kutcher entered the entertainment world portraying lovable bone-head Kelso in the Fox sitcom “That ’70s Show.” This is also where he met his future wife, Mila Kunis. Since then, he’s added several credits to his name with his stint on “Two and a Half Men” as well as a number of big movies.

One of those movies includes the 2013 Steve Jobs biopic aptly titled “Jobs.” The film details Steve Jobs’ rise from a college dropout to CEO and co-founder of Apple. Turns out, though, preparation for the role did a number on Ashton Kutcher’s health. Mila Kunis actually just spoke out about the severity of his illness. Details below.

Trying to Emulate Steve Jobs’ Diet Led to Not One But Two Hospital Visits Says Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher’s wife, Mila Kunis, recently sat down for her turn at the iconic “Hot Ones” challenge. Created by Christopher Schonberger and hosted by Sean Evans, it features a twist on the typical celebrity interview. Celebrities answer increasingly “hot” questions while taking on some of the fiercest hot sauces out there. During a rapid-fire “Spousal Fact Check,” the host asked Mila Kunis to either confirm or deny the claims about Ashton Kutcher’s health struggles during the making of “Jobs.”

Kunis confirmed that this was indeed true. In fact, she says Ashton actually downplayed just how dire the situation was. He tried to emulate Steve Jobs’ diet as a “fruitarian” eating solely fruit, nuts, seeds, and grains. (Before his passing, Jobs tried out this diet to mitigate his cancer.)

But when Ashton Kutcher drank “too much carrot juice,” it didn’t go so well. As Kunis says, “He was so dumb. He…only ate grapes at one point…we ended up in the hospital TWICE. With pancreatitis! So, fact check, yes, it was really dumb!”

You can catch Mila Kunis’ full “Hot Ones” interview here:

Ashton Kutcher Takes On the ‘Hot Ones’ Challenge Himself

Ashton Kutcher actually took on the “Hot Ones” challenge before Mila Kunis back in September of 2019. After trying the tamest of the hot sauces, Kutcher opens up about growing up on a ranch in Iowa. He dives into a story from his teens about helping his mother with the cattle.

Apparently, this involved some Mike Rowe “Dirty Jobs” type work, especially when it came to the bulls. After the family was done breeding certain bulls, they had to make sure the bulls couldn’t reproduce anymore. You probably know where that story is heading. At age 13, Kutcher remembers performing castrations himself.

He then dives into a slew of other Blue Collar jobs he held before getting into the acting scene that he thinks “taught him the most about life.” As the hot sauces turn up in heat, Kutcher breaks down his acting career and ventures into the tech industry.

You can watch him tackle the heat here: