‘The Rifleman’ Star Chuck Connors Once Played a Horrifying Werewolf

by Joe Rutland

As we approach Halloween, Outsiders, let’s take a look at actor Chuck Connors of “The Rifleman” who played a werewolf at one point.

Connors, who played Lucas McCain on the classic TV series, happened to play a character on the 1987 TV series called “Werewolf.”

An article from MeTV indicates Captain Jason Skorzeny, Connors’ character, had one of the more horrifying transformations.

But that didn’t even save the show from lasting only one season.

Fans of “The Rifleman” could be excused if they didn’t care about seeing “Werewolf.” They’re used to seeing their hero be a father to son Mark, played by Johnny Crawford, and deal with Micah, played by Paul Fix.

‘The Rifleman’ Star Made Appearance In One of ‘The Gambler’ Movies

While we are talking about “The Rifleman,” would you believe Connors had a chance to play his famed character alongside Kenny Rogers?

Do you remember Kenny and his big hit “The Gambler”? Well, that song led to a few movies, and, in 1991, “The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw” appeared.

So the movie follows Brady Hawkes, played by Rogers, journeying through the West. This was the fourth of five flicks.

Well, Lucas McCain shows up and saves Hawkes with those rifle skills.

The people beyond the movie made sure some notes of “The Rifleman” theme song appeared. So, McCain shows up by himself. His son Mark had gone to Hollywood to be a movie star. That’s what he said. But we do find Crawford also appearing as Mark McCain briefly, too.

TV Series Aired For Five Seasons With McCain Raising His Young Son

“The Rifleman” aired for five seasons between 1958-63. Lucas McCain was a Union veteran returning home after the Civil War. McCain retires in the New Mexico Territory and raises his son, Mark.

Retirement, though, was definitely not a relax-and-take-it-easy thing on the show. We always managed to get a scene or two where Lucas had to use his rifle reflexes. At least, viewers had a memorable opening scene for each episode.

There always was an air of concern when it comes to gun safety. Why? Because Fix almost suffered life-ending injuries due to a gun. An article from MeTV indicated Fix was playing with his brother with a gun and it misfired. A bullet did to through Fix’s nose and went out in the back of his head.

That put fears of guns and cameras at the forefront for Fix.

Fix told “The Daily Item” in an interview back in 1960 that “there are pictures taken of me a few years after the accident and I’m always running away from the camera.”

He said that he couldn’t stand to have “anything pointed at me, thinking it might shoot.”