‘The Rookie’ Fans Won’t Have to Wait Long for New Episodes

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images)

Last night’s episode of “The Rookie” has left fans on the edges of their seat. Unfortunately, this winter finale has left us with a few weeks in between new episodes.

Next week and the week after will be uneventful TV-wise. We know once Thanksgiving comes around, our television schedules are in for some changes. The holidays will make time fly, though, and we’ll be back to “The Rookie” first thing in the new year, with Season 4 Episode 10 airing on Sunday, January 2nd, 2022.

We’re expecting another halt in programming once sports start gearing up – we have the NFL games, the Winter Olympics, and the Super Bowl to look forward to.

To prepare for our upcoming new episode hiatus, let’s go over last night’s episode and what that might mean for the future. That means spoilers ahead – you’ve been warned.

Winter Finale Brings Christmas to ‘The Rookie’

Yesterday’s episode, titled “Breakdown” brought some end-of-year closure to some characters, while others didn’t quite get to where they wanted to be. We see Nolan looking at engagement rings in a jewelry store, but when Chen asks him if Bailey has met Henry he realizes he isn’t ready to propose until they meet. Later, Bailey and Nolan are decorating the tree and Nolan mentions that Henry will be calling from Japan later and would love to talk to her. Bailey says she would love to chat, but she has to get ready to return to work.

It appears that Nolan is definitely the rookie when it comes to engagements, and at work, asks if proposals should be big. Harper says no. They’re staked out at Elijah’s office after Wesley agreed to plant a bug there. They caused a distraction and Wesley successfully planted the bug, but Elijah figured it out soon after.

Nolan tries again to set up communication between Bailey and Henry. And, again, it fails. The two do end up talking later in the episode, finally. Nolan is thrilled, and that means he can finally propose to Bailey.

Elijah has an arrest warrant issued for him. When they find him hiding in a locker surrounded by dead bodies, he tells them that Abril caused all of the destruction they see. Elijah says that she came for revenge and to take control because Elijah told Wesley where to find her. Abril later calls Lopez to let her know that she’s going home to Guatemala. If they leave her alone in her home country, they’ll be ok.

The episode ends right as we meet Bailey’s… husband? Nolan is about to propose at a restaurant when Jason walks up to let everyone know that he’s out – and oh, by the way, he’s Bailey’s husband.

Whew! Lots of surprises in this 2021’s last episode of “The Rookie.” There’s no telling what’s in store for next year!