‘The Rookie’: Here’s Why Bailey Was Arrested

by Jacklyn Krol

What happened to Bailey in Season 4 Episode 10 of The Rookie?

Jenna Dewan portrays Bailey Nune in the hit drama series. Just as she was about to explain the truth concerning her husband to John Nolan (portrayed by Nathan Fillion). Near the closing, she was arrested for possession of drugs that were found in the car. This felony would make her ineligible to continue her job.

She decided to stand up for herself against Jason and he ended up retaliating. No bail was set and fans were left on a cliffhanger, according to Carter Matt. Meanwhile, Nolan is ready to discover what is exactly happening and get the justice that she so deserves. Obviously, Jason denied any crime on his part, so an investigation will have to take place.

Fans are already theorizing how exactly this storyline in The Rookie will play out. At the end of the episode, Bailey and John are still an item. However, he’s most likely a bit irked that she didn’t tell him the entire backstory before he got out. Despite this, it is understandable why she kept this a secret and wasn’t ready to share her story.

‘The Rookie’ Relationship Update

Tim Bradford hasn’t had the best luck in the dating game on The Rookie. After Rachel Hall moved to New York in Season 2 and they broke up, he hasn’t really had a good relationship. However, that is about to change after Ashley McGrady appeared on the November episode entitled “Poetic Justice.”

During an interview with TV Line‘s Matt’s Inside Line, showrunner Alexi Hawley teased what’s to come with his love life.

“We have some episodes upcoming where we see [Tim and Ashley] together,” Hawley shared. “And in the same way we saw with Rachel.”

However, it may not lead to something long-term. Could it lead him to the fan-favorite will they or won’t they with Lucy? One could hope.

“One of the stories we’re going to get into down the road is it’s a bit hard for Tim to date because he’s a bit of a control freak,” Hawley explained. “Ashley [portrayed by Helena Mattsson] gets frustrated that he doesn’t like trying new things because he gets new things every day on the job. And the only person who really understands that the best is Lucy.”

Hawley shared that Lucy Chen will be having a more engaging storyline this upcoming second half of the season. Although Hawley doesn’t “want to spoil yet” we do know something to come.

“There might be a love interest coming around for her in the future,” he revealed. “But yeah, that’s all I want to spoil for her.”