‘The Rookie’: Here’s Why Titus Makin Jr. Left the Show

by Megan Molseed

Titus Makin Jr. has starred alongside Nathan Fillion on The Rookie since the series premiered in 2018.

In the hit ABC series, Titus Makin Jr. portrayed Officer Jackson West. West is a fellow rookie police officer working in the field with Fillion’s John Nolan.

While the character was a fixture on the hit series for the first three seasons, fans of The Rookie were pretty certain that Titus Makin Jr.’s officer Jackson would not be returning for the show’s fourth season this fall.

The actor wasn’t featured in much of the show’s promotional material. And, the character’s fate was certainly left up in the air with a season-three finale kidnapping.

Why Did Titus Makin Jr. Choose To Leave?

These beliefs were confirmed as the fourth season premiered in September. This season premiered with a shocking twist, depicting a tragic end to officer Jackson’s life.

Since his departure from the series, however, Makin Jr. still has not yet publicly addressed the exit from the series.

Fans are still uncertain as to what it was, exactly, that led to the exit. However, The Rookie showrunner Alex Hawley provided a little bit of information as to why writers chose to kill the character off in the series.

“It’s heartbreaking…but I didn’t really have a choice,” Alex Hawley says of the character’s death on The Rookie.

According to Hawley, the actor wasn’t planning to return. And, the showrunner notes, there was no other way to explain the character’s exit other than killing him off.

“Because of the way we set things up with the [Season 3] finale, there was just no way to tell that story without Jackson,” Alex Hawley explains.

“But we lean really hard into honoring how he was the heart of the show,” The Rookie producer continues. “and it was definitely impactful for us to have to deal with that.”

‘The Rookie’ Shocks Fans In The Fourth Season Premiere

Reports note that Makin Jr. has not been active on social media since early summer. The actor has also reported that he has no plans to do any exit interviews following the end of his time on The Rookie.

This fall’s fourth season premiere of The Rookie picked up right where the season three finale had left off.

Officers Angela Lopez (Alyssa Diaz) and Jackson West have been kidnapped by Sandra “La Fiera” De La Cruz (Camille Guaty). As season four begins, The Rookie’s Sergeant Grey (Richard T. Jones) reviews security camera footage showing the kidnapping. Then, we see a man resembling Makin Jr.’s Jackson struggle with a kidnapper. In a shocking moment, the officer is shot in the back.

The Rookie officers then spend the rest of the premiere on a mission to bring Jackson’s killers to justice, and to save Angela and her unborn baby from the captors.