‘The Rookie’: Love and Murder Is in the Air in New Trailer

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Love, murder, and “The Rookie” seem like an excellent combination for the new trailer for next week’s episode.

This past “End Game” episode was action-packed, and Nolan and his crew won’t disappoint next Sunday either.

Especially as the trailer wraps up with a severed arm tapping on a desk, that’s enough right there to bring me back for the next show. Halloween’s come early. Nah, just another day in the life of Los Angeles’s finest.

Breaking Down The Trailer

So much potential for next week’s episode all wrapped up into a 28-second clip.

Nolan wins his union rep election, Harper’s dealing with her second pregnancy, Chen gets caught up in a wild double date, a frog dissecting murder is on the loose, and then the coup de grace is the arm. Nolan’s voice lingers as he said, “And here we have a severed arm moving on a saw.”

The arm bounces up and down while making a knocking sound. Funny, we don’t see the saw. But maybe there’s more blood just off to the side of the camera.

Did I mention the episode’s name is “The Knock?” That’s pretty clever, “Rookie” show writers.

Now for some spoilers and conversation about that’s week’s episode. Let’s do it.

This Past Episode Had Its Moments

Just as the Jason plotline looks to be winding down, we learned that Grey is launching an investigation

On the other hand, Nolan loves getting that sweet, sweet information from Oscar Hutchinson about Bailey’s husband, Jason.

Nolan got some good intel on Bailey from his criminal friend. You can’t trust Oscar after all he’s put Nolan and the crew through. But there’s enough for the cops to put something together on Jason.

Will it help catch Jason and get him out of Bailey’s life forever? It looks like it did. Jason gets caught and turns himself in. That leads the troublesome hubby to work with the cops. But when Oscar’s double-cross comes to light, Jason tries to escape. But Nolan’s right there. Problem solved, right? We’ll see.

Sorry, Chen and Bradford side story, but the other big episode news is Harper. A reconnection with her ex-husband, and now she’s pregnant. The tough, button-down cop’s private life can’t seem to stay private as hard as she tries to make it.

Pandemic Hits ‘Rookie’ Production Again?

Just as fans were starting the new year, news came out that “Rookie” show producers were slowing down the show again.

On Jan. 5, the show said it was slowing down production. Already, IMDb has next week’s episode and another called “Fight or Flight” lined up. But after that, we don’t know.

Check back here, Outsiders, and we’ll find out soon how that’ll affect our TV watching ways.