‘The Rookie’: One Dark Scene Threw Viewers for a Loop

by Maria Hartfield

ABC’s The Rookie caught some fans off guard after airing one scene that some say went too far. The American police drama follows John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) who is a 45-year-old ‘rookie’ with the Los Angeles Police Department. Nolan is a middle-aged divorcee with an adult son formerly in the construction business.

John Nolan leads the new LAPD recruits including Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neil) and Jackson West (Titus Makin Jr.). LAPD officers Angela Lopez (Alyssa Diaz), Tim Bradford (Eric Winter), and Nyla Harper (Mekia Cox) supervise the new crop of rookies leading to a somewhat relaxed relationship between the two groups.

Fillion adds his own spin to John Nolan’s character contributing sarcastic quips and a genuine personality. Nolan holds his own throughout the series many profound scenes. From dramatic shootouts to untimely deaths, the show has its fair share of uneasy moments. But one scene, in particular, may have gone too far.

The Rookie has fans reeling after this scene

The death of Captain Andersen.

The unexpected death of Captain Zoe Andersen (Mercedes Mason) shook viewers to their core. Andersen met her fate in the line of duty while assisting Officer Nolan in a lethal shootout. In a sad turn of events, Andersen was fatally shot in the neck. Her perpetrator turns out to be the man whose girlfriend Nolan detained earlier.

The death of such a major character so early in the season was heartbreaking for many avid fans. The late captain was a strong-willed and determined woman. At age 38, Andersen is the youngest person to ever achieve becoming captain in the department.

Andersen admirers were quick to voice their opinions surrounding her death.

User u/Sami64 posted on Reddit saying, “Killing off strong female lead And replacing her with a white man. Low move.” Similarly, U/blue7fairy voiced their disapproval of Andersen’s fate posting, “I was so pissed she died, she was a strong badass woman and in charge and they just killed her off. I was pretty upset.”

So, did Mercedes decide to leave the show? Not likely. It’s true some television characters die once an actor who plays them wants to leave these how, but probably not the case for Zoe since she’s only in a total of 15 episodes.

Mason has yet to reveal details about her departure from the show, but she did live-tweet her final episode as Captain Zoe Andersen.

Some Twitter fans took Mason’s departure personally posting, “Thought we’d see more of you. Broke my heart to watch that scene,” on Mercedes’ account. Another fan responds saying, “Tonight’s episode really hit hard. You played a great character, and while the Rookie is and will be a great show, I can’t [help] feeling it lost a bit of [its] light. Congrats on a great arc, and all the best in the future.”