‘The Rookie’ Showrunner Opens Up About Tim’s Fractured Family and Getting Closure

by Liz Holland

The fall finale of ABC’s “The Rookie” aired this week, and boy was it action-packed. “The Rookie” showrunner Alexi Hawley opened up in an interview about the big developments in the episode and what’s next. 

One of the major plot points of the show is character Tim Bradford’s (Eric Winter) fractured relationship with his father. It’s been made clear to the audience that the relationship is severely damaged at this point. However, Tim stumbles across a discovery in the fall finale that brings a whole new perspective to who his father was. Tim finds a handgun hidden in the wall of his family home. Following that discovery, Tim has an epiphany. He decides this means his father murdered the neighbor with whom he was having an affair with husband many years ago.

However, the truth ends up being that it was the neighbor who shot her own husband. She did this in the middle of her spouse beating her. In an effort to help, Tom actually hid the gun to cover up the crime. 

‘The Rookie’ Sets Up a Twist-Filled ‘Closure’ for Tim

Alexi Hawley shared their thoughts with TVLine about Tim’s ability (or lack thereof) to get closure from his relationship with his father in the fall finale.

Hawley said, “I think he gets some closure. I wasn’t interested in wrapping this up with a neat bow. I mean, he had a traumatic childhood and his dad was not a good guy, so I was interested in exploring the different experiences that Tim and his sister (guest star Peyton List) had with their father, and how it fractured their relationship — and ultimately how, with a little bit of Lucy’s help, their relationship was put back together by the end of the episode. But his relationship with his father was not salvageable, and we didn’t want to act like it could be. Look, his last words to his father were, ‘I hope it hurts,’ so we definitely lean into the fact that Tim is not walking away feeling good.”

An Impressively Long Season on the Horizon

Something that sets “The Rookie” apart from other series, is that its current season is set for 22 episodes. In recent years, TV shows tend to put out shorter seasons, ranging from 10-15 episodes. But according to Alexi, 22 episodes is what the network wanted, so it’s what the network is going to get! Hawley told TVLine, “Look at us. They asked us to do 22, and I asked Nathan [Fillion] if he would be good with it and he said he would, so….”

The show is taking a quick break off-air for the holidays, but will resume in January. “The Rookie” will pick up where it left off, airing Season 4 Episode 10 on Sunday, January 2nd. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for this season.