‘The Rookie’ Showrunner Reveals Whether There Will Be a Time Jump

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

ABC’s “The Rookie” showrunner reveals whether there will be a time jump or not in later episodes. The boss goes into what’s next for Wes and hints at the Nolan-Bailey twist.

WARNING: If any Outsiders aren’t as caught up with the episodes, stop reading. The rest of this article is going to spoil it for you. Otherwise, let’s get into it!

First of all, emotions ran high in tonight’s midseason finale, “Breakdown.” In this episode, the LAPD mobilizes to help deputy D.A. Wes from his dirty drug deal with Elijah. Unfortunately, this incident found him in the crosshairs of the late La-Fiera’s second-in-command.

Afterward, Tim has to pay a heartbreaking visit to his dying, abusive father. Harper takes the low route to keep her ex from moving away. And Nolan introduces his son to Bailey for the first time while trying to pop the question. That is, before they could finish their romantic outdoor conversation with an interruption.

Can you guess what that obtrusion is?

It is her husband fresh out of jail! It is a shocking twist, I know! But trust me, it gets worse later on. You’re probably asking, “What could possibly be worse than that?” Just wait.

What Happens Next in ‘The Rookie’ Finale

Next, TV Insider interviews showrunner Alex Hawley to ask him what is happening and see if Wes is out of trouble. When he took the wrong side of a murderer, that is.

They admit to the showrunner that they were worried about Wesley halfway through the season.

“What is this going to do to him and Lopez?” they ask.

“What we’ve really been leaning into really since last season, obviously with all the issues about policing, is the consequences in actions,” Alex answers.

And now, The LAPD is not a secret anymore. They say Wes will come up before the Bar Association with some consequences. Although, they are not what you’re thinking.

Towards the end of the interview, TV Insider asks about the sudden time jump. “Is there going to be any time jump, or are you picking up?

Showrunner Alex replies, “No, we’re literally back into the same scene, and we have to come back to that.”

There you have it! There is no sign of a time jump, at least not anytime soon. But you never know what can happen down the road. There is still a lot more of “The Rookie” in store for everyone.

More on Nolan and Bailey’s Sudden “Proposal”

“As far as Nolan and Bailey.. they’re great, but a proposal?” Insider asks.

The showrunners say he isn’t planning on actually proposing, but the end of the episode says otherwise. The idea of him telling Bailey he’s in love with her is a huge step.

Somehow they were rookies for three seasons and will continue to be.

Until the return of “The Rookie,” you can watch the trailer for the Nathan Fillion series here. It is going to be one hell of a ride!